Youpin Electric Teeth Water Flosser Now In Just $22.99

Oral care is a ritual. You already have an electric toothbrush and, for added health, you should get the new Youpin Electric Teeth Water Flosser. You’ll improve your oral hygiene with its water jet that allows you to remove food debris, dental plaque, and bacteria. You will get all this in a delicate way. Currently, this amazing Electric Teeth Water Flosser is available on at a price of $22.99 (about €19.15).

Buy Youpin Electric Teeth Water Flosser at $22.99

Coupon Code: 2FAllWII

Do you want to know more? Keep reading and you will know why it is one of the best!

You’ll improve your oral cleaning routine for a more comfortable experience. Small and portable, this Youpin Electric Teeth Water Flosser offers you a great 2500rpm high voltage pulse, acoustic wave magnetic levitation resonance technology, German water pump precision design, solving various oral problems.

Its three adjustable modes, suitable for different oral cleaning habits, from soft and comfortable to firm, can meet the oral cleaning needs of all kinds of people.

It’s 0.8mm nozzle allows water to flow easily and gently between the teeth, thoroughly cleans the gap between the teeth and the dead corners of the mouth, cleans the teeth deeply, and effectively prevents oral problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

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The design in line with human aesthetics, lightweight, easy, and comfortable to hold. This Electric Teeth Water Flosser will automatically turn off and stop working after 2 minutes of use, to avoid burning dry and damaging the device due to forgetting to turn off.

It is equipped with 3 types of nozzles for the care of the different needs of the oral cavity, a standard tip (suitable for daily teeth cleaning), a tip for cleaning tongue coating (suitable for daily cleaning of the coating on the tongue, fresh breath) and an orthodontic tip (special for orthodontic appliances, rinse the residue locks).

The water tank and nozzle of the Youpin Electric Teeth Water Flosser are removable, which is convenient for timely cleaning of scale, dust, and other debris in the water tank. Thanks to the IPX7 waterproof, so the whole machine is washable, it is ready to use, the body remains white and bright at all times.

If this new electric teeth water flosser has caught your attention and you want to get one, let us inform you that you can get it from WiiBuying at the price of $22.99 (around €19.15), after use of the coupon code.

Buy Youpin Electric Teeth Water Flosser at $22.99

Coupon Code: 2FAllWII

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