Haylou GT6 Review: Best Affordable TWS Earbuds For You

The Haylou GT6 is one of the series of handsfree suitable for gaming, which with high sound quality and low latency and a suitable battery can be a good option for those who are interested in computer games. Hilo is one of the brands under Xiaomi Holding and the handsfree produced by this brand is very economical and of good quality. The Xiaomi Haylou GT6 Bluetooth Headphones is the new version of the GT series of headsets, the features of which are discussed below.

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The packaging of the Haylou GT6 true wireless Bluetooth headset is simple. The front is the rendering of the charging box and the headset. The upper left corner is the Haylou brand logo and LOGO on the blue background. The upper right corner is the headset model GT6, and the lower right corner has Bluetooth 5.2. The logo shows that the headset supports the Bluetooth 5.2 transmission protocol. The back of the package is the basic parameters and production information of the headset.

On the right side of the package, there is Haylou’s brand slogan “HEY, LISTEN TO ME!”, “Hey, listen to me!”, which is very in line with the product characteristics of the headset, vivid image, and the main function introduction of the headset is on the left side. Open the package, take out the headset charging box and instruction manual. The headset is located in the charging box. The accessories of this Haylou GT6 true wireless Bluetooth headset are very simple, with only one instruction manual.

The charging box of the earphone is black all over, and the appearance adopts a relatively round design, and the surface is frosted and matte processing, and the hand feels very good. The top of the charging box is engraved with the bright brand name “HAYLOU”, which is very delicate.


The opening of the charging box is located on the front side of the fuselage, and the opening is recessed, which is very convenient to open. There is a hidden LED indicator light at the bottom of the charging box. It will display red when the charging box is charged. It will be fully charged. The indicator light goes out. The right side of the charging box body is the Type-C charging interface, which is more compatible with the charging cable. Open the charging box, the headset has been placed in the charging slot, take out the headset, you can see the metal contacts in the charging slot.

The whole body of the headset is black, and it adopts a matte and high-bright appearance design. The matte texture of the upper area is harmonious with the highlight style of the lower area. From top to bottom on the outer side of the earphones are LED display lights and brand logos with integrated touch functions, which are practical and beautiful. The lower inner side of the earphones are charging contacts and “L” and “R” logos to distinguish the left and right ears. There is a microphone at the top and bottom of the headset, and there is a concave design at the bottom, which adds a touch of movement to the headset.

The Haylou GT6 true wireless Bluetooth headset is stylish and simple in appearance and has its own characteristics. The collision of matte and highlight is just right, complements each other, the details are in place, the overall workmanship is also very exquisite, and the texture is great.


A large 12mm dynamic driver with support for ACC audio decoding is responsible for the sound quality in Haylou GT6 headphones. The sound quality is very good. Thanks to the large dynamic unit, we have deep, tight bass. They completely fill the entire space, set the rhythm of the music, but do not interfere with other frequencies. In bass compositions the main role is played by drums and bass guitar, and, I must say, it is quite worth it. The mids and highs sound clear with good detail, and musical instruments can be discerned. The vocal performance also sounds good, all the nuances of voice and timbre are heard, causing a strong sense of presence. Overall, the sound quality of the Haylou GT6 is very good. Keep in mind, however, that these are budget headphones, so don’t demand hi-fi quality from them.


Each Haylou GT6 headset has a built-in 35mAh battery. It has enough power to play music for 5.5 hours. Also, the charging case has an additional 310 mAh battery. It can be used to charge the earbuds three more times for a total battery life of 20.5 hours. It will take you about 1.5 hours to charge the earbuds. The charging case is fully charged in 2 hours using the optional Type-C cable.


Haylou GT6 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. It has a fast connection and reliable stable communication up to 10 meters. The earbuds have a low audio latency of up to 65ms. Therefore, they can be used not only for listening to music but also for playing games. Also, the headphones have the technology of separating the left and right headsets. You can use the headsets individually and easily switch from one ear to both. The Haylou GT6 uses touch to control the main functions of the Haylou GT6. As I already said, the beautiful pattern on the headset handle is the touch multifunctional button of the headset.


Haylou GT6 true wireless Bluetooth headset has a stylish appearance and exquisite workmanship. It has excellent sound quality, delay, and noise reduction performance. It is also satisfactory in terms of charging life, wearing experience, and special functions. It is balanced and has no shortcomings, whether it is music, games, or calls. It is still sports, which can easily meet the needs of earphones in various scenarios. And the price of the headset is only a little over 25$, which can be said to be sincere and cost-effective. It brings us an extraordinary experience at an affordable price. It is a very good choice for true wireless Bluetooth headsets.

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