Tronsmart Battle Gaming Earbuds available for just $36.99

Are you still using wired headphones or low-quality wireless earbuds? Then it’s time to upgrade your older low-quality earbuds with a new design and upgraded features. In the last five years, wireless earbuds have become a trend. Also, by removing the headphone jack from smartphones, companies have forced people to buy their products. Tronsmart from the last few years is helping people with low budgets to give them superior products. Lately, the company has launched the all-new Tronsmart Battle gaming earbuds. The new earbuds come in a new design and upgraded features. This guide will help you know more about the product.

Tronsmart battle Gaming Earbuds Spain

Features of Tronsmart Battle Gaming Earbuds:

Starting with the design of new earbuds, they come with an all-new oval design. The upper cover of the earbuds is made up of transparent plastic, which revolves around the bottom part when you want to access your earbuds. This is really a cool design; apart from this, the earbuds are placed close to each other in this case. So, like other cheap earbuds, they don’t get in the way of the case when you close it.

If you are a gamer and have just begun your steaming, then you might be looking for low-budget best-quality earbuds. So, here is the new product from Tronsmart, which will be the best partner for you. With the Ultra-low Latency Gaming mode, the earbuds provide immersive sound. While playing games like PUBG or COD, you always want to be focused. With the positional sound audio, you will get the accurate gunfire and footsteps of the enemy.

Tronsmart battle Gaming Earbuds United States

The Bluetooth 5.0 will give you superior audio with a long range. To change the audio or pause/play and pick up the call, you can just tap on the earbuds. A simple tap will move from gaming to music. The semi-in-ear earbuds are perfect for everyone which fit perfectly into ear canals.

With a large battery, now you will be able to listen to music or play games for 5 hours continuously on a single charge. And with this case, the playtime is 20 hours.

Tronsmart battle Gaming Earbuds Philippines

The best part which we like about the earbuds is the lightning effect on the bottom of the case. If you are a gamer, then you will obviously like this light effect with three colors. The Tronsmart Battle Gaming earbuds come in two modes, i.e., Gaming mode and Music mode. As mentioned above, you can switch between two modes with a triple tap on the earbud.

Tronsmart Battle Gaming Earbuds now available to purchase for just $34.99

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