XGIMI Elfin Projector; Portable 1080P DLP LED for just $639.00

Do you remember the Xgimi Z6 Polar? If this is not the case, you will find its test bench here: Test Xgimi Z6 Polar (click on the link). Why this introduction? Well, take the model mentioned above, add the image settings options available on the Horizon and Horizon Pro, sprinkle the whole with a hundred additional lumens, and you get the XGIMI Elfin Projector: the new transportable DLP projector from Xgimi. I immediately add a downside to this nomadic notion because, like its predecessor, the Elfin skips the integrated battery. It’s a bit of a nerd for a compact device that is supposed to be able to be taken on a trip.

XGIMI Elfin Projector China

Features of XGIMI Elfin Projector:

Here we are facing a DLP LED projector equipped with a 0.33 ? DMD chip from Texas Instruments designed to simulate a Full HD image from a native 1366 × 768 resolution similar to that already present in the Xgimi Halo. Its brightness is advertised at 800 lumens with an LED lifespan of 30,000 hours. The throw ratio is 1.2: 1. The projector is 4K HDR10 + compatible and is 3D Ready with DLP-Link glasses (not included).

XGIMI Elfin Projector Denmark

The same sensors are responsible for correcting the focus and continuously framing the image that equips the two Horizon models. The Elfin identifies obstacles between the projector and the screen and crops the image limits accordingly. It is able to automatically manage keystone correction and focus.

Due to its compact dimensions (192.1 x 194.19 x 48.31 mm for a weight of 0.9 kg). The physical connection is reduced to an HDMI 2.0 socket, and a USB input. 2 Harman Kardon speakers of 2 X 3W ensure the sound diffusion.

XGIMI Elfin Projector United States

The Elfin is a smart projector that works on Android 10, it is directly compatible with Amazon Prime Video, Molotov, or even Disney +, but this is not the case for Netflix. For streaming, the new Xgimi integrates Wifi and Bluetooth.

Video processing has the good taste to offer fluidity assistance (MEMC), and for gamers, a special mode should allow the input lag to be reduced to 26.5 ms.


The XGIMI Elfin is already available on Banggood at a price of $649. But if you wait a little bit, it will be marketed at $599. At this price, no need to go looking for it on the other side of the world. Because it is even a little more expensive in China or Hong Kong.

XGIMI Elfin Projector now available for just $639.99 (Introductory Price)

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