Best Xiaomi Electric Bicycle of 2021: HIMO Z16 vs HIMO Z20

The Chinese Giant nowadays is making its roots in every field. We talk about Smartphones, Laptops, tablets, Earbuds and Electric bikes, Xiaomi products are everywhere. In the category of Electric Foldable bicycles, Xiaomi also started making Bicycles from last two years. To take this to another level now Xiaomi has expanded itself to HIMO Sub-brand and launched few electric foldable bicycles. The latest editions launched this year are Xiaomi HIMO Z14, Xiaomi HIMO Z16 and Xiaomi HIMO Z20.

During recent years, electric bicycles and electric bikes are an essential gadget for all of us living in urban areas. Like in big cities, people like to travel to their work on these foldable-bike. These are also helpful in travelling short and medium distances in cities. Like going to a mall or a park nearby. These new products from Xiaomi are also attractive, and you can also get them to your car by folding. So, this is the best part which people like in these bicycles. The price of electric bikes is quite less as compared to the other moped vehicles. And the best part is these are eco-friendly, and no risk of pollution.

Today, Xiaomi is one of the best foldable bicycle makers in the world. As, Xiaomi comes with various sub-brand and we have reviewed most of the electric bikes from the company like Xiaomi HIMO C30, Xiaomi HIMO C26, Xiaomi HIMO C16. Now for this year, we got a few more bicycles from Xiaomi under HIMO brand, i.e. Xiaomi HIMO Z14, Xiaomi HIMO Z20, and Xiaomi Z16.

Features of Xiaomi HIMO Z16 and Xiaomi HIMO Z20:

In this article, we will bring you all the differences between the newly launch ed Foldable electric bicycles from Xiaomi in 2020. The comparison is between the following products:

Xiaomi HIMO Z16 vs Xiaomi Z20.

Design and Construction:

Physically both the electric foldable bicycles are equally made and are sturdy. Both got the Aluminium alloy material by which the Chasis of the Xiaomi HIMO Z16 and Xiaomi HIMO Z20 is made. Xiaomi HIMO Z20 is quite lighter as compared to the HIMO Z16. As HIMO Z20 weight is 21.5kg and the weight of Z16 is 22.5. So, 1kg weight is not a huge difference but if you like the light Z20 Is better.

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HIMO Z16 review

Both the bicycles are foldable, but HIMO Z16 is three types foldable and Z20 is only a double foldable bicycle. In Z16, you can fold it from handlebars, body and the footrest. It is easy to fold, and efficiently you can place it in your car trunk. Even Z16 is easy for women/girls to carry due to the triple folding feature.

In foldable state both of the electric foldable bicycles are quite equal, but Z20 is small as compared to the other one. But when in the foldable state the Z16 is much more compatible and measureless. Easy to store and handle.

Himo Z20 Electric bike buy now

For the night driving, both of the bicycles got the rear and front light. The rearview is under the seat, and the front is above the front tire.

Tires and Modes:

The HIMO Z20 uses 20” tires with the dual-disc braking system. It has three modes to drive, Pure electric, Mixed and other is the manpower using the pedals. On the other hand, Z16 also has 20” tires with disc braking system. But the bicycle has three driving modes, i.e. full-electric power mode, power assistance riding and manual modelling.

Foldable bicycle 2020
The Z16 also utilises high wear-resistant CST tire, which is similar to what you’ll find on professional electric vehicles.

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HIMO Z16 vs HIMO Z20 Motor:

Xiaomi has assigned the 250W motor to both the HIMO products. And with this motor, the bike delivers the 25km/hr. The six-speed transmission is developed in both bicycles which are developed by a brand-named Shimano. The speed of the bicycles is 25km/hr because of the national standards in China.

Cheapest electric bike 2020

The motor of the HIMO Z16 gives the great output, and you can reach up to 80km range in the power range and 55 km in the electric range. HIMO Z20 will allow you to reach 55 km in Pure electric mode, and 80km in Moped mode.


Now, let us look at the battery performance of both the electric foldable bicycles. Xiaomi provides the smart built-in anti-theft batteries in the new electric bikes. The 10Ah 36V removable batteries of both the Bicycles will allow you to ride for 80km and assist you for quite a good volume of range. To charge the battery full, you will have to wait for 5Hours for both HIMO Z16 and HIMO Z20.

Xiaomi himo foldable electric bike 2020

HIMO Z16 bike packs a removable 18650 automotive-grade lithium battery which will achieve both high and low power lasting output.

Best Xiaomi Foldable bike

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The display of HIMO Z20 is quite a simple side but gives you a fruitful view, and you would like it with the glossy look. HIMO Z16 got a stylish display which is quite impressive as compared to the Z20. The display is on the left grip of both bikes and with the HD display. The display shows the real-time status, ride mode and the distance covered, etc. But the drawback is that you do not get the Bluetooth in both the bikes to connect with the smartphone.

HIMO Z16 geek buying

Chinese best scooter 2020

HIMO Z16 vs HIMO Z20 Price:

Xiaomi HIMO Z16 and Xiaomi HIMO Z20 are available now on Geek buying. HIMO Z16 is only available in selected countries, i.e. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. (Extra freight will be charged if in remote areas.)
HIMO Z20 is priced at $576 which you can buy now, and HIMO Z16 is available for $569.

Our Verdict:

Till now both of the HIMO Products are quite similar rather than the battery and weight, and the HIMO Z16 is available at less price. So, if you like light bicycles than you must go with the HIMO Z20 and if you can wait you must go for HIMO Z16 which will be available in the coming days.


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