Buy Proscenic T21 Smart Electric Air Fryer For Just $79.99 (Coupon Deal)

One of the most affordable oil-free fryers on the market, the Proscenic T21 is not stingy in terms of functionality. It offers various programs as well as a Wi-Fi connection. The Proscenic T21 thus promises to fry, grill, and roast food in sufficient quantity for 3 to 7 people, and even to bake cakes. To do this, it is equipped with a resistance associated with a fan responsible for distributing the heat in its 5.5 l basket, various assistance modes, and a mobile application to find recipes.

Coupon Code: NNNT2107
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Proscenic T21

The Proscenic T21 Smart Electric Air Fryer has a variety of preparing chicken wings or even churros accompanied with a chocolate sauce. Eight preset programs in the fryer and you can choose to fry, bake, roast or grill according to your needs with just one click. It also has an adjustable temperature function that is perfect for frying, baking, grilling, or roasting French fries, chicken, steak, meat, shrimp, cakes, fish, etc. Deep fryer with a 5.5L capacity cooking basket, allowing you to feed five to eight people. You can enjoy the exquisite food with your family together. You no longer need to worry about the size of the deep fryer, so You will not be able to prepare enough food to share with your friends and families.5.5L large capacity, it is worth taking it to your kitchen.

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With voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control your fryer using simple commands. For example turn on, turn off or ask for the remaining cooking time. On the other hand, with the ProscenicHome application, available for both Android and iOS smartphone customers; you can control the more advanced functions of the fryer such as preheating; viewing the cooking recipe in Spanish online, etc. The Proscenic T21 fryer is equipped with new technology: the rapid 360 ° circulation of hot air transfers heat with very high intensity onto the food on all sides, allowing the heat to penetrate deeply.

Proscenic T21

There are 30 Spanish recipes online in the app and you won’t have to worry about cooking with Deep Fryer. You can also customize the recipes through the APP by setting the temperature and time. Also, custom recipes will be saved for the next cooking. It allows uniform cooking: If you bake the food with the cold fryer; it will take longer than indicated in the recipe, which will cause different results in the appearance of the food; at the same time that some raw parts will remain; The Proscenic T21 Smart Electric Air Fryer basket is made of aluminum; while other brands are made of iron. Thanks to the non-stick Teflon surface; less residue will be released and it is much easier to wash both by hand and in the dishwasher. It can also be removed with easier

You can find this amazing Proscenic T21 Smart Electric Air Fryer on at a price of $79.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: NNNT2107
Proscenic T21 Ship From PL Warehouse

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