iiiF150 H2022; a third upgrade at the entry-level smartphone

Hello, this is Kuljit. The iiiF150, which handles toughness smartphones, has released the new model “H2022”, the third brand. Unlike the R2022, which was reviewed on Xiaomi Today the other day. It is more like a successor to the “B2021”, the first product under the iiiF150 brand.

Since it is an entry-class product, it has strict specifications to use as the main terminal, but it is attractive that it can be purchased for just over $95.

Features of iiiF150 H2022:

The OS is Android 11. Like the B2021 and R2022, it is equipped with a “ToolBox” that summarizes useful functions in the outdoor scene, but basically, it is equipped with software that conforms to the plain Android OS.


The CPU is equipped with MediaTek Helio A22. It is an entry-class product that measures 65,000 points (value in Version 8. x) of Antutu Benchmark with the CPU installed in the B2021, which became the first machine of the iiiF150 brand. You can use it without problems if you are browsing the web or using an SNS application, but if you want to enjoy the game, you may be happier if you purchase the R2022 equipped with Helio G95. With 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, it supports storage expansion with a MicroSD card.

iiiF150 H2022 China

iiiF150 H2022 Display:

 The display is 5.5 inches in size, and the resolution is HD + (1,440 x 720). It’s a standard spec for entry-class smartphones, and it’s not high-definition, but it’s not that the roughness of the dots is noticeable in everyday use. 

iiiF150 H2022 Camera:

The camera consists of 5MP in and 13MP out. The R2022 is equipped with an infrared night-vision camera, and the night vision mode, which allows you to shoot brightly even at night, was one of the selling points, but unfortunately, it is not adopted in the H2022. It has a single lens configuration, and it seems that the official website does not particularly recommend the camera function, so it may be better not to expect too much. 

iiiF150 H2022 Germany



The battery capacity is 4,800-mAh. Since it is a global model, it does not support NFC Type-F (Felica, so-called Osaifu-Keitai), which is often used in Japan, but I used Google Pay because it is equipped with NFC when traveling overseas. Various payment services are available.


iiiF150 H2022 is on sale at Banggood. It’s on sale until October 25th and can be purchased for $95,99. Smartphone is an entry model that is even cheaper than the B2021. And to be honest, the specifications are not high at all. It is undeniably a little old, such as a notch-less display with a resolution of 1,440 x 720 and an out camera with a single lens specification. It will be difficult to use as the main terminal.

However, the toughness performance is definitely “genuine” and cheap, so I think it is a perfect product as a submachine for outdoor use. It is recommended for those who want an inexpensive toughness smartphone.

iiiF150 H2022 rugged smartphone now available for just $95.99

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