Buy Eleglide D1 Master Off-road Folding Electric Scooter For Just $630.48 (Coupon Deal)

The Eleglide brand recently entered the electric bicycle market with several models. This time it is also added to the segment of electric scooters with the Eleglide D1 and D1 Master models. This scooter has a 500 W motor at the rear, which should bring better acceleration. You can buy the Eleglide D1 electric scooter from our international partner Geekbuying. It is available in a Polish warehouse, so delivery will be relatively fast. You can look forward to the package within 2 – 10 working days from sending. Thanks to the availability in the European warehouse, you do not deal with any customs duties or VAT. There are 2 versions of the scooter. The weaker one Eleglide D1 has a 500 W motor at the rear and the stronger one Eleglide D1 Master has a pair of 500 W motors that will offer you higher power. We have advantageous discount coupons for both models.

Coupon Code: GKB789S – GKB790S (Master)
Buy D1 at $630.48 Buy D1 Master at $1,069.38

Both scooters have four spring dampers in the front and additional damping in the rear axle. Scooters are also suitable for off-road thanks to wide 10 ? wheels with a distinctive pattern. The battery in the Eleglide D1 model has 48 V / 18 Ah / 864 Wh and should suffice for 70 km of driving on a single charge. The Master model has a 48 V / 22 Ah / 1056 Wh battery with a maximum range of 80 km. Eleglide D1 Master offers a maximum of up to 50 km / h and 4 modes – eco (20 km / h), standard (35 km / h), sports (45 km / h with single-engine drive and 50 km / h with dual drive).

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Eleglide D1 can reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h and its maximum load is 120 kg. There are three modes – eco (15 km / h), standard (25 km / h) and sports (45 km / h). A bonus to this scooter is a seat that the higher version does not have. The Eleglide D1 scooter offers the well-known design of Chinese electric scooters with a telescopic steering rod. D1 classic model comes with a 500 W motor in the rear wheel, while the improved model designation D1 Master has the same engine and the front wheel, increasing the total output to 1000W.

There are also front and rear disc brakes, active lighting, and an information display that shows the current speed. There is also a horn and a secondary display showing the battery voltage. Usually, the steeper the mountain is, the harder it is to ride the scooter on it. But for our Eleglide D1 Master, thanks to its premium off-road tires and its outstanding cross-country riding performance, it can climb up on a slope of 30%, which is more excellent than traditional scooters.

You can find this amazing Eleglide D1 & D1 Master Off-road Folding Electric Scooter on with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB789S – GKB790S (Master)
Buy D1 at $630.48 Buy D1 Master at $1,069.38

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