GOGOBEST GF600: An electric bike to travel everywhere

The electric bike GOGOBEST GF600 will be able to accompany you for over 100 kilo-meters both in the city and in the countryside, without making too much effort or running out of energy.

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Features of GOGOBEST GF600:

Electric bikes and scooters are some of the innovations that are taking place in our cities. They are comfortable means that give freedom similar to a car or a motorcycle but at a much lower cost. For those traveling short distances, they are the ideal means of transport. The problem is that often the soils of the historical centers are a little rough or, in any case, irregular because they are paved in stone. But with GOGOBEST GF600, there will be no problems thanks to the wide wheels and the powerful electric motor.

GOGOBEST GF600 electric bike China

The electric bike comes with the 1000 W motor and 13 Ah battery. GOGOBEST GF600 can guarantee a range of about 100 kilometers and a speed of 40 km / h. Despite the high power, the engine is hushed and will not disturb when driving. The bike can operate in 3 different modes: in “Riding mode,” the motors are off, and the drive is muscular; in “City” mode, the bike assists the pedaling by providing 10% to 80% of the total power; finally, the “Oost” mode which is the fully electric mode, with 100% of the power supplied by the electric motor.

GOGOBEST GF600 electric bike United States

The frame is made of heat-treated aluminum alloy to make it light yet strong. A spotlight is mounted on the frame to travel safely even at night and where the main information is displayed. On the handlebar, we have various commands to switch on and change modes. The whole is well protected – including battery – splashes and dust with IP54 certification. The 26 x 4-inch wheels close the picture, making traveling on not exactly regular terrain more comfortable. The 7-speed Shimano gearbox will allow you to adjust the effort according to the difficulty of the journey.

GOGOBEST GF600 electric bike Germany

How to buy

The GOGOBEST GF600 electric bike is available at the price of about 1349.99 euros, but you can get a further discount of 60 euros using our coupon “SE8AFYAHZ1NV“. This is a very good opportunity to improve your mobility! That’s all from the electronic section; keep following us!

GOGOBEST GF600 electric Bike now available for just €1349.99

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