Heyup Boxe: Portable 1080P Mini Smart Projector Available on Kickstarter For Pre-order

A Soft, Surprising Mini Portable Projector

Combining light and soft design with a family-friendly concept, Boxe is a mini portable projector that can cast from iOS and Android in 1080 resolution and also support 4K-resolution videos. Unwind and watch movies everywhere from the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or any other indoor open space; this is Boxe by Heyup. Thanks to the latest advancements in light diffusion methods, the lightweight and cute portable projector help to protect eyes against exposure to screens. Heyup Boxe is very travel-friendly, fitting in a small bag or suitcase. Boxe is available mid-October 2021 for pre-order here.

$169 – 43% less when it reaches mainstream stores
Boxe by Heyup is Available Through Kickstarter

Facilitating Entertainment On-Demand

Heyup Boxe is both small and quiet, making it able to adjust to every room of an apartment or house. It uses 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI for iOS and Android phones as well as tablets and laptops. The cute curvy-shaped projector includes a remote controller, power adapter, user manual, two AAA batteries, warranty card, and original stickers featuring Boxe.

“Having unlimited streaming content and games on-demand on our mobile devices is very convenient, but most people prefer big screen experiences for more enjoyable viewing. We noticed that some limiting factors for projectors have been their size and necessity for permanent power. Heyup wanted to address this by releasing Boxe for entertainment anytime and anywhere.” Heyup Team

The adorable, mini and portable Boxe invites parents, friends, couples, and children to enjoy watching special moments including family photo albums; video collections of trips, birthdays, and wedding memories. No matter the size of the room. Plus, Boxe includes accessories including a versatile tripod that ensures quality and stable projection while watching your favorite movies or tv shows in 4K. Accessories are optional based on convenience and preferences. Boxe aims to provide family members with everything they need to watch movies.

Heyup Boxe is insulated against dust to prevent harmful particles from entering the projector gaps while air is exhausted to the outside. The small and exquisite projector is designed as an incentive to promote family meetings and in-house gatherings with customizable screen size and a built-in 7800 mAh battery to allow a 90 minutes movie time free of power connections. Free to be placed in any room without a power source for under 90 minutes; enough time to enjoy movies from your Disney favorites like The Lion King and The Nightmare Before Christmas or maybe good oldies including Babe and Liar Liar.

Heyup Boxe features a variety of wireless connectivity options like WiFi, Bluetooth, and Screen Mirroring via Airplay. Quick and easy wireless connections with your laptop, mobile phone, or Bluetooth speaker; contribute to increasing the efficiency and flexibility of your entertainment with more access and opportunities. It’s also simple for users to install and update at any time. Boxe is more than just a small, cute projector. It is very durable and safe from dust with even the lens being insulated from dust; one of the reasons that help the lens has its amazing lifespan of 25,000 hours. As a portable smart projector, it has 2GB RAM and 8GB storage along with the powerful Amlogic T972 chip which is frequently used by smart TVs.

$169 – 43% less when it reaches mainstream stores
Boxe by Heyup is Available Through Kickstarter

About Heyup

Heyup aspires to build future technology products together with users. Our entertainment product line features Boxe, a small and exquisite mini portable projector. Heyup aims to listen to the feedback of people who embrace technological shifts. The goal is simple: creating an extended playground for empowered consumers.

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