Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra is coming soon; it will run on Wear OS!

And while you dear Wear OS user (yes, there are still) you are waiting for the new  Wear OS 3 lest some things change, others… come first! And with the others, we mean Mobvoi, which wants to be one of the first to release a watch with the new operating system that will work on other smartwatches, except those of Samsung. Just a few hours ago, Mobvoi confirmed that the brand new  Ticwatch 3, or  Ticwatch Pro 3 ULTRA version, in particular, will be running  Wear OS 3.

Ticwatch 3 Pro Ultra India

More or less, this is the essence of the news since, for the watch itself, we have nothing special in leaks.

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Features of Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra:

It sounds like it will have an even better sensor for measuring heart rate, which all watches do, but few do, approaching medical precision. Other rumors suggest that the  TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra will feature the Snapdragon 4100+,  which we hope will be even more energy-efficient.


The above photo is from a video that is circulating, and in which our guy shows the box of the watch more than the watch itself. Although the image is not something special, nevertheless it seems that the margin around the screen has decreased even more. This is very good!

One more thing we have to tell you is that Mobvoi will give away a free  TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra to one lucky lot and many $20 gift cards.

How is this going to happen:

Just enter the company site -> Mobvoi and register. Then you should follow the company’s Twitter. From there, from today until the 12th of the month, you will be asked to do certain things on a daily basis.

On the 13th of the month, when you do the last thing you are asked to do, you will receive a $20 gift card for all Mobvoi products. At the same time, a super-lucky person (they call him in my village) will bite a  Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra completely free of charge.

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