Buy ACGAM T02P Smart Walking Machine For Just $275.99 (Coupon Deal)

The pandemic has forced us to change our habits, not only for social relationships but also for our physical well-being: we walk much less and, with the closure of the gyms, keeping fit is always very difficult. While waiting for a change, we can equip ourselves by purchasing a treadmill online to train within the four walls of the house. And there is no better way to start the year, with an unmissable offer on Geekbuying. ACGAM T02P is the name of a new folding treadmill, which can be used to train both in “walk” mode (1-6Km / h) and in “run” mode (1-12Km / h). It is on offer on Geekbuying at $275.99.

Coupon Code: NNNTO2P07
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ACGAM T02P has a folding design but, unlike other similar models, it can also be used with the handle down, combining it with a high desk to be able to work and keep fit at the same time. By lifting the handle, however, you will have a compartment for the smartphone and a safety rope. It is therefore a 2-in-1 treadmill because it allows you to vary the speed from 1-6 Km / h (Walking Mode) when the handle is lowered to 1-12Km / h (Running Mode) when it is raised, to train. according to your abilities.

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When closed, its dimensions are super-compact (153.5 x 73.5 x 14 cm), so you can easily hide it under your bed or sofa in the living room. And thanks to the integrated wheels at one end, you can easily transport it from one chamber to another.

ACGAM T02P comes with a remote control to adjust the speed; with a click and an LCD display that shows the kilometers traveled; the speed, the time, and the calories consumed. This ACGAM T02P treadmill integrates an ultra-quiet 2.0HP motor (60dB max) and a 43 x 120 cm carpet; made up of five cushioned and anti-slip layers, to avoid damage to the knees during training.

ACGAM T02P is on offer on Geekbuying at the price of $275.99; Buy ACGAM & Get $10 Bonus Coupon, with shipping from all warehouses. If you are interested in the treadmills on offer on Geekbuying; we suggest you also take a look at the Xiaomi models, among the best-selling in recent months.

Coupon Code: NNNTO2P07
Ship From EU/ES/DE Warehouse

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