Dreame W10 automatic robot vacuum cleaner is now available

Dreame technology is a renowned name when it comes to cleaning utilities or gadgets. The company already has launched many robot cleaners in the market according to the needs and requirements of its users. Recently, the company has launched its new model of Robot vacuum cleaner i.e. Dreame W10. The robot vacuum cleaner is a new sweeping, mopping, washing, and drying self-cleaning robot.

The new D-Shaped robot vacuum cleaner is an innovative product that comes with features like a hand-washing rag and automatic high-temperature drying. Moreover, the intelligent planning of the cleaning path avoids any hindrance in cleaning your house.

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Cleaning efficiency

Dreame w10 bot cleaner

It is almost a self-efficient robot vacuum cleaner and may not require your hands during cleaning. Furthermore, It deep cleans your house.

The Dreame W10 comes with the latest built-in cleaning dock for washing, dumping, and drying in one dock. It not even automatically backwash the mop cloth but also dry in three dimensions using hot air. to quickly dry the mop it has 8 high-pressure water outlets. The mop is deeply cleaned through the cleaning process on the dock.


The Dreame w10 not only sweep but also mop, vacuum, and wet mob in one. The mopping clothes rotate against each other which not only cleans the area very effectively but also cleans corners. The D-shaped design of the products allows the robot vacuum cleaner to move and clean the areas and corners nicely.

Dreame w10

It comes with a brushless motor and has 4000pa suction power, which will clean deeply and also will not leave small debris. It has got a 64000mAh high capacity battery to support 300 square feet of cleaning in one charge. The 34 sensors in the Dreame W10 allow the robot vacuum cleaner to custom clean with intelligent navigation and scan the area.

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    Is it useful for mixed floor (Parquet & carpeted floor) ?!
    Does it make the Iranian carpet dirty or not ?!

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