Buy ONEXPLAYER 1S Game Console PC For Just $1,189.99 (Flash Sale)

ONEXPLAYER 1S follows in the footsteps of any other gaming laptop, with console-like ergonomics and a Switch-inspired aesthetic. This powerful console allows the device to reach speeds of up to 5 GHz turbo, giving it an advantage when it comes to gaming performance. The ONEXPLAYER 1S Handheld Console is a great AAA Gaming Console for gaming on the go. Playing the latest games, the ONEXPLAYER 1S is the perfect choice for a gaming handheld.

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The ONEXPLAYER 1S screen is a stunning 8.4? IPS Display. This covers 100% of the sRGB Color Gamut and it has a 178 degrees viewing angle. The sharp contrast and popping colors are something One Netbook is known for and the ONEXPLAYER Handheld delivers! With a 2.5K Resolution of 2560×1600 and 358PPI (Pixels-per-inch), the ONEXPLAYER game console can render games sharply. The 8.4″ Display is also a touch-screen with 10 points of recognition and is compatible with the One Netbook Stylus.

The ONEXPLAYER Handheld is a fully thought-out game console and the Gaming Experience is top-notch. Apart from the beautiful display, you have all the tools you need to get your game on! ABYX Buttons, Bumpers, Analogue Triggers, and a great D-PAD. Also present is a button to invoke the software keyboard for quick in-game chat. How do you start? With the start button (yes, we thought about that joke), and you’re also getting a back button. The ONEXPLAYER handheld console also comes with a Turbo button – Press it!

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Coming with Intel Core i7, the ONEXPLAYER 1S Processor is the 11th generation Intel Processor with 4 Real Cores and 8 Threads. The processor can boost up to 4.50 GHz. Also coming with 12MB three-level cache. This makes the ONEXPLAYER Gaming Handheld a beast for its size. The ONEXPLAYER 1S comes with 16GB of Dual-Channel LPDDR4X High-Speed RAM. And for storing your game library, the ONEXPLAYER 1S handheld comes with 1TB of PCIe 3.0×4 NVMe. Experience speeds up to 2400MB/s.

Not only do you get a powerful processor, but the ONEXPLAYER 1S Gaming Handheld also comes with Intel’s Xe Graphics Chip built-in. This means you can play many Titles at native 2.5K Resolution with High Settings. The Intel Xe Graphics found in the ONEXPLAYER 1S Handheld Gaming PC by One Netbook is comparable to an Nvidia MX350 dedicated Graphics Card. This allows the ONEXPLAYER PC Gaming Handheld to run games released in recent years at a respectable FPS. This portable gaming handheld can also emulate Retro Gaming Titles with ease, allowing you to even emulate PlayStation 3 titles. This is a breakthrough in computing, especially in this form factor.


The handheld gaming computer measures about 11? x 5? x 1? and weighs just over 1.8 pounds, has a 59 Wh battery and comes with a 65W USB-C charger and features stereo front-facing speakers, a 3.5mm audio jack, a fingerprint reader in the power button, and Bluetooth 5 support. It has a built-in kickstand and ports including two USB4 (40Gbps) ports, a USB 3.0 Type-A port, and a microSD card reader. Controllers include two analog sticks, a D-Pad, four action buttons, and four shoulder buttons including two with linear triggers. In terms of power, you won’t be disappointed – The ONEXPLAYER 1S packs a massive 15,300 mAh Battery rated at 3.85V. And to keep it topped up, in the box, you’ll find a 65W PD-Compatible Charger.

You know it! Windows 10 Home is pre-installed onto the ONEXPLAYER handheld game console and you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free once it’s released.

Coupon Code: GKB21BF01
Ship From CN Warehouse

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