QCY T2C: TOP Wireless Headset With Bluetooth 5.0 Now For $17.99

After the manufacturers of smartphones started to remove 3.5 mm jacks from the device design one by one (many exceptions), many people decided to look for a wireless alternative. Today, we have one of the finest options available on the market which is QCY T2C that features Bluetooth V5.0, CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction along with a high sensitivity silicone mic for better speech recognition. Currently, QCY T2C is offering only $17.99 at Geekbuying. In addition, thanks to the Russian warehouse, it will be delivered to you very quickly, in just 7-10 days.

Buy QCY T2C TWS With Bluetooth 5.0 For $17.99

Buy QCY T2C For $28.99 

QCY T2C has a secure and comfortable fit, it can easily be used for jogging, thanks to its secure fit in the ear. It also has IPX4 splash and sweat protection for sports applications.

This wireless headphones connect to the source via Bluetooth 5.0 and support for AAC codec. As a whole, communication is rather reliable, on the apartment (average sizes) in headphones, it is possible to walk, without caring about where phone lies, and whether the signal will be broken. Switching on AAC, if it is not included on the phone by default, on many responses slightly improves a sound.

With a battery of 380mAh, which can continuously play up to 5 hours. This is the ideal accessory for someone who likes to run or exercise, as they are really light and do not interfere with movement at all. In addition, the headphones also feature ambient noise damping, so no one can disturb you.

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In the package, you will also find a tiny case that, in addition to the headphones, also serves as a power bank with a capacity of 800mAh. It’s enough for 2 full charges to give you enough juice for the whole day listening to music.

Its sound is quite average among fully wireless headphones. The bass is dominant, there’s a rise in the upper-middle and in the tweeter. AFC, apparently, “pop” V-shaped is a universal variant. It is necessary to tell, that the difference of opinions in a sound of QCY T2C is great.

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The control of the QCY T2C is push-button. Each housing is equipped with one key. When pressed, there is a quiet click, which is much more convenient than touch panels – it is clear at once, pressed or not. The control itself is intuitive and very limited – there is no volume control. And here is what you have:

Press any button once to pause or receive a call;
Double-click on the right earpiece button: track forward;
Double-click on the left earpiece: trackback.

This product is an inexpensive, fully wireless Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC-compatible headphones. The model is perfect for exploring the world of true wireless.

Buy QCY T2C TWS With Bluetooth 5.0 For $17.99

Buy QCY T2C For $288.99 

If you want to try this relatively new format, but do not know where to start, pay attention to these headphones. Currently, the price of QCY T2C is $17.99 at Geekbuying.

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