HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle for $799: Original Price $940

20-inch Tire, Foldable Design, 250W DC Motor, Smart Display, Shimano 6-Speed, 80km Mileage

Many times the HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle has been on sale because of its popularity. It is an e-bike with a unique foldable design from the Xiaomi HIMO brand. When it comes to riding this electric bike, you feel comfortable and safe. There is a 6-speed Shimano Transmission system with Dual Disc Brakes. Also, it has a Smart Display for showcasing speed and other information. You can use it for up to 80km range with a top speed of up to 25km/hr. Therefore, it is best for use in a city for reaching home or office. You can use the coupon to buy it at the best price. All of the parts, motor, gear system, and accessories are of premium quality. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Original Price: $999.99   Sale Price: $799.99

HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle e-bike


Spec Sheet

Max Range(Mopped mode): 80KM
Max Load: 100kg
Motor: 250W DC Motor
Speed: 25km/h
Product Weight: 21.6kg
Battery: 10AH 36V

HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle e-bike

HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle High Power LED Lights, Awesome Traction, and Integrated Air Pump

There are not many e-bikes that use an integrated air pump design. Also, many electric bikes only use standard LEDs. However, the HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle has powerful LED lights that brighten your path. It has CST 20-inch tires with the best grip for urban or rural use. The battery recharges within 5 hours of max time and provides a mileage of 80km in moped mode. Also, the crystal clear display will guide you about battery status and remaining mileage. You can use three Modes for riding it. Plus, there is a Vector Control System for real-time performance analysis.
electric bikes e-bike HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle
HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle electric bike e-bike

e-bike HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle

Next Generation E-Bike with Rear Hub Motor and 3-Step Foldable Design

Folding e-bikes in just three steps is a milestone. The reason is that most electric bikes only have a single or dual folding mechanism. However, the HIMO Z20 Electric Bicycle uses a foldable design that ensures comfortable portability. Another benefit of having this e-bike is that its battery is removable for recharging or safekeeping. The Pedal, E-Assist, and Full E-Power modes allow you to use it according to the riding demands. If you are considering buying it, we will appreciate it if you use our affiliate link. It keeps the lights on and shows you appreciate what we do. There is a 1-year warranty for this bike with free shipping.

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How to buy?

If you consider buying HIMO Z20, we will appreciate it if you buy using our affiliate link. It helps keep the lights on and get coffee to keep us on our toes when we work. It also shows you appreciate us. You pay nothing extra. It comes with free shipping and a discount price.

Original Price: $999.99   Sale Price: $799.99

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