FTN E-Bike Hybrid T20 for $1,559 Only: $2,000 Value

Liquid Crystal Display, E-ABS Electronic Dual Disc Brakes, LED Night Lightning, Extreme Comfy Shocks

FTN E-Bike is for an enjoyable ride and power performance. When you want to cruise off-road, countryside, or inside the city, this hybrid electric bike excels. It sure will turn all heads along the way. It is so because of its futuristic design and robust construction. Plus, there are double suspensions, shock absorbers, and E-ABS Electronic Disc Brakes for comfort and safety. There is also an LCD instrument that has some eye-catching visuals. Therefore, this all-star futuristic robust electric bike is available for a discount price. Thus, you can save and grab the beach bike experience you deserve.

Original Price: $1999.99      Sale Price: $1,559.41

FTN T20 electric bike ebike e bike
FTN T20 electric bike ebike e bike

FTN T20 electric bike e bike ebike

Spec Sheet

Frame: 6061 Aviation Grade Lightweight Aluminum
Transmission: 7-Speed Shimano
Motor: 48V400W Rear Wheel Drive High Speed
Top Speed & Mileage: 40km/hr, 60-120km
Tire: 20-inch FAT Mountain Tires
Battery: 48V15Ah



FTN E-Bike Next Generation Night LED Dual Rear Front Lightning, ABS-E Disc Brakes

There are not many electric bikes that use a lightweight aviation-grade aluminum frame with a humanized control system. The FTN E-Bike uses a quick response system for changing gears with a gears display panel. So, these unique features and the always-on illuminating night LED light are something new. Also, the multi-function button design makes it easy to control and drive. You will feel as if you are turning on a motorbike. That is how the power buttons feel and look like when you use them.

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e-bike electric bike ftn t20

Intelligent Control System, Free Switch Built-in Riding Modes, Hybrid Riding, and 400W High-Speed Variable Frequency Motor

All of the features of this electric bike surprise you at every step. There are ABS Electronic Disc Brakes like that of automobiles. The FTN E-Bike has a high-speed variable frequency 400W Motor. Therefore, you can ride it up to 40km/hr. Also, the Fat 20-inch Mountain Tires can adapt to all kinds of roads and terrains. You can remove the hidden battery underneath the seat for flexible recharging and safe-keeping.

e-bike electric bike

How to Buy?

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Original Price: $1999.99      Sale Price: $1,559.41

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