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How to get a Nintendo switch for free with a new phone

If you try to make a list of the basic stuff that you need in your day-to-day existence then you might put your smartphone on the top of that list and it is because smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Phones have evolved a lot during past years and thus they are becoming better every day and thus it is one of the most productive devices that you can own. But all smartphones are not capable of doing multiple tasks at a time and thus you need some high-end flagship smartphones for it.

It is a dream of almost every tech-lover to own a high-end flagship phone but is it that easy? No, flagship phones are some of the best and the high-end smartphones manufactured by some of the smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia, and Google Pixel. There are varieties of smartphones out there in the market that you can buy and you can perform all basic tasks on that phone but there are certain tasks that can only be performed on high-end flagship phones. Also, the built quality you get in a high-end flagship device is far better than a mid-range smartphone. Like in a flagship phone you get water and dust resistance along with gorilla glass on the front and back of the phone.

Nintendo Switch China

Thus it is clear that a flagship phone is better than a mid-range smartphone by every means but still why do people go for a mid-range smartphone? Let me explain the main reason behind it is that the flagship phone is quite expensive it’s quite heavy of many people’s pocket to buy it. Thus they search for a better low price option that would fit in their budget. Many online stores provide discounts on these flagship phones but still, they are quite expensive so what’s the best and the cheapest way to buy a flagship phone.

The best way to buy a flagship device at a low price is to get a contract phone. If you buy a contract phone then you will get a Nintendo switch for free that costs around Upfront Cost: £0.00 and Monthly Cost: £22 to £47. Consider any flagship phone like Samsung S21 or iPhone 11 pro, these phone costs more than £57 and thus if you buy a contract version of this device are getting a Nintendo switch for free. This means that you are getting a discount of more than £269 on these devices.

Why choose Nintendo switch?

Almost everyone in this world likes gaming and you have numerous devices to play games like a PC, laptop, smartphone, gaming console, etc. But if you consider all these devices you will get the best gaming experience on a gaming console. And there are many reasons behind like every device is particularly is designed for a specific purpose and a gaming console is designed to play games. Gaming consoles have been in the market for the last few decades and still, they are the first choice of many kids as well professional gamers.

Nintendo Switch Malaysia

There are lots of stunning and exciting games that you can enjoy on a Nintendo switch like super Mario, animal crossing, Mario kart 8, super smash bros, and the legend of Zelda, etc. The Nintendo Switch is one of the best and also one of the most sold gaming consoles ever. The high-end games you can enjoy in this device that you can’t enjoy on any other device. The graphics and the picture quality that you get with this device are unmatchable.

If you try to purchase this device separately then it might cost you more than £180 but if you have a contract phone then you will get it for free.

How to contract phone is better over normal ones

By almost every means a contract phone is better than a normal phone because if you buy the normal phone you have to pay the original price and you won’t get any other extra accessories with that phone. But with a contract phone that’s not the case here, you can get tons of exciting freebies with your phone like a Nintendo switch thus it indirectly reduces your phone’s cost. While buying a phone you also need a cellular connection for the internet and calling and with a contract phone, you don’t need to move anywhere for it because you can choose your package right there while buying a phone.

Nintendo Switch Europe

If you try to compare the price difference in a normal and a contract phone then you will find out there is a significant difference in it. Let’s consider you are buying a Samsung s21 device that costs around £677, so if you buy a contracted variant then you will get freebies like Nintendo switch for free with this device. However, if you buy a normal phone then you have to pay the original cost of the phone and also you don’t get anything for free.

Other ways of getting a free Nintendo switch for free

Being one of the most popular and worthy gaming console everyone wants to own it but due to its high price, many people drops the ides of buying a Nintendo switch. But if you buy your electronic gadgets smartly then you can get a Nintendo switch for free. Yes as discussed above if you buy a contract phone then you get a Nintendo switch for free.

Similarly, there are many other ways by which you can get a free Nintendo switch and one such option is buying a Nintendo bundle. In this bundle, you can buy any trending flagship smartphone like Samsung S20 or an S 20 ultra, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, iPhone XR, etc. Along with the phone you from this bundle you get a Nintendo switch for free.

Also buying a Mobile Phones with Nintendo Switch Console bundle ends up you are investing lesser money but also you can pay the cost of the phone in instalment and thus it will be a less burden on your pocket.

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