ORICO JX-703 Deep Tissue Massage Gun Hands-On Review

With the fast-paced life of daily work and learning tasks, while the energy and pressure are high, physical fatigue is inevitable. After the exercise is completed, the muscles and bones will become very sore if they are not relaxed. At this time, it is very important to have a product that can fully relax the muscles and bones. The ORICO JX-703 is a portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun that offers good performance in these three aspects, ensuring a deep massage in order to relieve muscle aches and recover each part of the body more quickly.

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The product has come to us courtesy of the manufacturer, giving us the opportunity to check its operation and discover the benefits for the body that it offers. So without further ado, you are invited to know the qualities of this massage gun. We have no doubt that when reading the review, many of you will find in the ORICO JX-703 Deep Tissue Massage Gun what you have been looking for for a long time to end the pain caused by the gym and office hours.


Material ABS
color Grey
Rated Motor Power 24W
Charging Interface Micro USB (5V)
Adjusting Gear 30 Levels
Product Stroke 12mm
Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Motor Torque 0.24N.m Max
Heads 6 PCS

What is a Massage Gun?

The massage gun is an electric, mostly battery-operated hand-held massage device that uses powerful, rapid jolts to massage the body deep into the body. The reason for the name “massage gun” lies in the shape of this muscle massager. Visually, the massage pistol has certain similarities with a pistol. This is why it is also referred to in English as the “massage gun”. There are also many other terms: fascia gun, muscle gun, hand massager, vibration massager, and muscle massager. So all sorts of words for a very new massage tool.

The massage gun exerts a quick, direct, and strong pressure on a selected muscle group or body region. Its aim is to solve profound tissue and muscle problems and to shorten the regeneration time of the muscles before or after intensive training. The electric fitness massager also improves mobility by loosening the muscle group being treated and on top of that promotes blood flow and blood flow to the muscles. Treatment with a massage gun is therefore comparable to trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, or percussive massage.

Due to its handy shape, the electric vibration massager can be used by hand to relieve muscle tension and compensate for muscular imbalances in the body. So you don’t necessarily need a second person to use the massage gun. Due to the numerous benefits, the massage gun is now used by many alternative practitioners, especially physiotherapists and chiropractors in inpatient treatment.

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In terms of the outer packaging, the simple and atmospheric packaging style, with the brand logo, product name and model, and product pic on the upper cover, is simple and clear.


The back of the box is printed with detailed product information and specifications.


On the side of the box is printed with the introduction of several major features: long battery life, Low Noise, 6 Massage Heads, and 30 Speed Regulation.


Open the packaging box, you can see the inside the sponge wraps ORICO JX-703 is a portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun and accessories, which are neatly arranged.


In terms of accessories, the ORICO JX-703 is a portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun that is more conventional. There are Six massage heads attached to it, including a Ball Head, Triangle Head, Bullet Head, Flat Head, Fork Head, and Thumb head. In addition, the Type-C Charging Cable, a small English manual, and also a nylon soft storage bag



The ORICO JX-703 massager sports a quality finish, with a silver chassis. This device is shaped like a gun, similar to a hand dryer. It is a medium-sized device, so it is quite handy and comfortable to use. The overall look is very simple, the main body is made of ABS and marked with the brand LOGO. The plastic of the body is treated with special anti-skid treatment so that the massage gun will not fall off due to slipping when held in the hand. The massager weighs approximately 700 grams, it is very convenient for you to carry the lightweight and silent massage gun everywhere, Easy to hold and use with both hands.

The ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun has a built-in motor that can reach the strongest 6200rpm. Compared with the high-torque brushless technology of brushed motors, it can achieve greater output power, and it can keep the volume low when using it. In fact, from this From perspective, it is the best design that does not affect his talents.


The back of the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun host is designed with a Touch LED display area, which can display the speed and battery percentage make it easy to use. There are 30-speed settings ranging from 1,200 to 6200rpm percussion, low, medium to high percussion, gathering different muscle groups, providing a great deep tissue percussion muscle massager.

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The massage head of the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun adopts a detachable design, and the massage head can be easily replaced according to different user needs. Relying on the blessing of the dual-link transmission system during use; the stability of the vibration amplitude can be ensured, and the massage head can also continuously output uniform strength.


The ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun comes with Six different specifications of massage heads; including Ball Head; Triangle Head, Bullet Head, Flat Head, Fork Head, and Thumb head. Different shapes of massage heads can be selected according to the use scene and the musculoskeletal force characteristics. The Triangle Head is suitable for muscle relaxation and shaping, the Ball Head is suitable for massaging the large muscles of the groups: back, chest, thighs, and hips, the Fork Head is suitable for massaging the neck, spine, and Shoulder, the Bullet Head is suitable for massaging the deep tissue, tendons, joints, palms and soles, the Thumb head is suitable for massaging the foot and soft tissues, and the Flat Head is suitable for any part of the body.


There is a TYPE-C Data Cable for charging port at the bottom of the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun; Equipped with a high quality 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery; lasts up to 6 hours after a full charge in just 3-4 hours, the built-in LED display shows the speed and battery percentage make it easy to use.


For general users to use the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun; it is recommended that you first use the spherical head to perform massage operations, because after daily learning, the waist and legs will be sore and the muscles will become very stiff. The soft spherical head will be easier to use. Most muscle groups of the body can be massaged.

For users who like to do indoor anaerobic exercise and often use the equipment for strength training; the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun with Spike Flat Head can massage and relax each muscle part, and it can also perform shaping operations on different muscles. Double-claw heads and small round heads need to be used under the guidance and cooperation of operation video or professional fitness coaches because of the particularity of the corresponding message parts. They must adhere to the principle of safety first.

The working principle of ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun is to use the body’s muscle resonance to transmit high-frequency vibrations to the fascia; deeply relax the stiff muscles after daily work and study; promote blood circulation, and can also reduce The accumulated lactic acid breaks up; allowing the body to recover quickly.

The ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun has a built-in high-torque brushless motor with a dual-link transmission system. It can be seen that the host of the handheld product is very stable during the use of the product; which can greatly reduce the vibration amplitude of the host, and the massage head It can maintain the continuous output of power when hitting the output.

After aerobic exercises, such as the end of long-distance running; if you do not fully stretch before and after the exercise, the accumulated lactic acid will cause physical discomfort. Using the fitness modes of the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun; you can pass four levels of different strengths Come relax the muscles and disperse the lactic acid at a deep level.

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The ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun can continuously output power during the work process. In the process of hitting the corresponding muscle group; you can adjust the corresponding mode and adjust different strengths for a massage at any time through the touch mode; up to 1,200 to 6200rpm The power can directly reach the deep muscles.

When using the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun to relax rigid muscles and relieve soreness; it is recommended to use the spherical head for operation first; because the user can massage a large area of the body muscles by himself, and it can shape and relax key muscles. Use the wolf-tooth flat head to massage under the guidance of related videos. The use of double-grabbing heads and small round head must be cautious. Because the location of the massage is more important; it is recommended to use it with the cooperation of professionals and family members.


After using the ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun for a period of time; although girls use this product, it takes a little effort to hold the product. It can provide different massage heads and corresponding massage programs for different users, and quickly switch 30 speeds of Percussion intensity; Suitable for users with different needs, the product has a good performance in terms of output power and stability. The working volume of 40db does not affect the people around it. It can also provide a longer battery life when commuting out. After a long time of use The ABS shell can also cool down quickly; so it’s still relatively easy to use intimately.

ORICO JX-703 Massage Gun is a product that relaxes muscles and fascia. The ABS appearance enhances the texture while ensuring effective heat dissipation. The combination of a high-torque brushless motor and a dual-link transmission system can provide a maximum of 6200 rpm. Minutes of power can effectively reduce the noise at work; and also ensure that the vibration of the host part is reduced during work. The built-in large-capacity battery can increase the product life. 6 different specifications of massage heads come with a total of 30 speeds of Percussion intensity for fitness; physiotherapy, and health care. The user makes choices and uses the visual LCD touch mode to operate, which improves the user experience. What do you think of such a professional fascia gun product?

In addition, due to its ease of use and multiple accessories, it is suitable for any type of user. Those interested in the product can find this massage gun at the best price on Orico’s official Amazon and Aliexpress Store. For more information visit Orico’s official website.

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