Ajax Hub 2 Security Alarm: A Complete Indoor/Outdoor Kit

A Complete Premium and Reliable Home Security Indoor and Outdoor System!

The Ajax StarterKit Alarm Systems and the Ajax Hub 2 Home Security Kit are the two most popular complete home security systems. That is why we will test and review the latest Ajax Hub 2 version. It also contains everything that made the version seen last year so successful but with a few additions. Plus, such as support for motion detectors with taking pictures in particular. This new test is also an opportunity to discover other exciting sensors and some possibilities in home automation. The best home security system comes with motion detectors, fire alarms, video, and WIFI. Plus, it has ethernet, GPRS, and Dual Sim connectivity.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

About The Company

The company Ajax Systems is relatively young in the field of alarm since it was founded in 2011. But the Ukrainian company has quickly specialized in developing and manufacturing security systems, wireless motion detectors, and wireless window and door opening sensors. It quickly became a benchmark in the field. When we think about a powerful and connected best home security system alarm, we think of Ajax. And the functions that we are going to discover today will only confirm my excellent impression of this alarm system.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

The Ajax Hub 2 Alarm Center

The Ajax Hub 2 alarm center is delivered with its power cord, an ethernet cable, and a small operating manual. We also have some stickers indicating that the property is protected by Ajax alarm which is always a deterrent. It is the brains of the Ajax security system. At first glance, it is identical to the first version we saw. From the outside, it looks like a wireless router.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

The body is square in shape with chamfered edges. A luminous Ajax logo on the front panel informs about the connection status of the Ajax Hub 2 with the Ajax Systems infrastructure: red (the connection is absent), green (there is a connection only by one channel, Ethernet or GSM), white (both channels are used for connection). In the rear part, a connector is concealed to connect the power cable of the assembly, and an RJ45 connector, to connect the Ethernet cable.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

A difference with the previous Hub is the possibility here to use not one but two Sim cards! The idea is, of course, to use two different operators. So if one does not respond, it will be possible to move on to the next. We thus have double protection: if the internet connection drops (via the ethernet cable), there is still the possibility of using the 1st Sim, and if this does not respond, the second Sim. Hard to be more secure!

Ethernet Port
Sim Slots Highlighted in Green

All these elements are under a cover, which has openings to fix the unit to the wall. The cover itself is fitted with a tamper-evident device, based inside the control unit, which locks the contact in the closed position. This best home security system protects against unauthorized opening.

The Quality of Ajax Hub 2 Alarm Systems

The quality of the materials of these alarm systems is excellent. The cover fits perfectly to the connector and there is no slit in the closed position. Closing the lid attachment comes with an audible click and tactile sensations, making it easy to understand that you’ve put it in the right position.

The Jeweler’s Protocol of Ajax Hub 2

The designers wanted a security alarm system that was simple and quick to install. They therefore opted for wireless communication between all devices. So, communication must be reliable and protected. For this, the Ajax alarm uses the Jeweler protocol, created by itself, the existing systems having too many weak points according to the designer. Jeweler is therefore a communication system that involves encoding, synchronization and power control algorithm for power optimization.

Features Ajax Hub 2:

  • The data that the devices and the control panel exchange are in encrypted packets. These few bits of information transfer in a few milliseconds;
  • Data packets encrypt using their jCrypt algorithm with a floating key, which also develops from scratch.
  • The hub always knows which device it is exchanging information with, even in solid radio interference. In the event of a mismatch or bad connection, the control unit starts the detector authentication process.
  • All devices know their place. The time of entry into the system sends a signal to the control panel with an interval of 12 seconds.
  • The connecting radio channel has protection because it uses multi-level filtering. If the control panel detects a questionable signal, the in-depth examination process initiates. If the Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems see a mismatch, the system will stop responding to calls from the suspicious source.
  • The control unit can switch from one frequency to another to avoid signal loss. In addition, it determines which detectors are coming into influence by the source of the countermeasures.
  • The frequency range in which the control panel maintains radio communication with the devices is 868 to 868.6 Hz. The maximum radius of interaction with Ajax devices is 2 km in an open environment. For the connection with each device, the control unit uses its frequency. The maximum power of the transmitted radio signal is 25 mW. You can connect up to 100 devices to the system. It is enough to protect a private house, regardless of its size, safely.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

Other differences with the first Hub include support for more scenarios (32 instead of 5) and support for more cameras (25 vs. 10). The Hub 2 also supports up to 5 repeaters, but this will be useful for very, very large properties as the range of the various devices is already impressive without any repeaters.

The Motion Detectors

The MotionProtect can detect movement in the home. After opening the MotionProtect box, you will find the detector itself, the installation kit, and the instructions. The home security sensor uses thick and polished white plastic. A lens is in the central part of the front panel. A light-emitting diode in the upper part will light up when it detects motion in security mode. Also, it will indicate the quality of the radio contact with the leading network when testing the signal level. The engraved Ajax Systems logo is located at the bottom but remains discreet.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

The Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems detector is capable of detecting movements at a distance of up to 12 meters (viewing angle 88.5 ° horizontally and 80 ° vertically). An infrared sensor is behind the white lens. As often, avoid installing the detector facing a window to prevent the sun’s rays from falling on the sensor lens and in front of objects whose temperature changes rapidly (electric and gas heating, etc. ). Note that the software that controls the detector is “smart” enough to ignore animals weighing up to 20 kg and having a height of 50 cm.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system
The best home security system detector registers the change in the “temperature image”, but the closer the ambient temperature is to human body temperature, the lower the contrast of the “image”. The temperature compensation algorithm (adjustment of the sensitivity of the detector), which allows an optimal adjustment of the sensitivity so as not to miss any individual, was developed by Ajax home security systems, particularly for these purposes.

MotionProtect uses its own motion detection algorithm from the first step, FirstStepDetection. The detector processor traces the signal on the output of the RIP sensor in real-time mode (passive infrared sensor) and reacts to changes in the output signal, filtering out false operations.

The detector has three levels of sensitivity:

  • High level: The detector does not respond to any object smaller than a hamster.
  • Medium level: The detector does not react to any object, such as a small dog or a cat.
  • Low Level: The detector will not respond to any object the size of an average dog weighing up to 20 kg.

Other Key Features

When the security system is in “security” mode, the detector sends an alarm signal if the movement has been detected, but no more than once in 5 seconds, synchronously turning on the light-emitting diode. When the security system is in passive “inactivity” mode, the detector will not respond to movement more than once in 3 minutes without turning on the light-emitting diode. In the detector parameters, it is possible to deactivate the motion detection mode if the control unit is not in security mode. This saves the battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is seven years via a CR123A battery, which is impressive. This battery can then be easily replaced by the user.

Ajax Hub 2 MotionCam Photo Capture Motion Sensor

The MotionCam is a motion detector quite similar to the previous one, but it also includes a camera for taking a photo. Also, it is a motion radar quite identical to the previous one, but it also consists of a camera for taking a picture. We find the same characteristics as the MotionProtect, 12m of detection, on an angle of 90 degrees. Same SmartBracket mounting system as well. The difference is this lens capable of taking burst photos at the slightest detection, sent in less than 9s (1 to 5 pictures in 320x240px resolution, or 1 to 3 shots in 640x480px resolution, to have an overview of the movement in progress).

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

Outdoor Motion Detector

Of course, there is also a model suitable for outdoor use, the MotionProtect Outdoor, for full-motion detection. Here we have a double detection cell for optimized operation outdoors. There are fixing screws and cable ties for fixing to a pole or a mast inside the pack. At 1m in height, the Ajax Hub 2 MotionProtect Outdoor can detect the slightest human movement between 3 and 15m, on an angle of 80 degrees, ignoring animals up to 80cm. The sensitivity will be adjustable via a slider on the back. So, the alarm systems for this best home security system kit work outdoors and indoors. It uses 2 CR123A batteries to operate.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

MotionProtect Curtain Motion Detector

Finally, the last motion detector is the MotionProtect Curtain of this best home security system. The Ajax Hub 2 home security curtain sensor uses a narrow horizontal beam (angle of 6° horizontal and 90° vertical) or curtain type (hence its name). It is particularly suitable for monitoring doors, windows, or garage doors. Its operation is very practical since it is possible to be present in the room without triggering the alarm. This will only be triggered if someone crosses the barrier through a door or a window. Therefore, it is possible to protect several sashes, which can also prove to be more economical.

Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems home security best home security system security camera system

What we like about the Ajax Hub 2:

  • Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices to alert users.
  • It detects and alerts about open windows, doors, broken windows, threats of fire, flooding, and theft.
  • There are two sims with GPRS and an ethernet port.
  • Automatically notifies alarm response company.
  • Sends photo series when triggered.
  • It can deliver packages without WIFI and cable connections.
  • The security alarm system works for 16hrs during a blackout.
  • You can install it yourself.
  • There is protection from cyber attacks.
  • Your privacy is protected because of the No-Peak feature.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • You have to change batteries. However, these have a long life.

The Verdict for Ajax Hub 2 alarm systems:

The Ajax Hub 2 home security and alarm systems kit is a complete home protection package. There are Dual Sim, GPRS, and Ethernet connectivity. Also, this best home security system uses indoor, outdoor, and curtain motion detectors to protect your loved ones and belongings. All in all, it is a state-of-the-art security package with the latest innovations.

How to buy?

If you consider buying it, we will appreciate it if you buy using our affiliate link. It helps to keep the lights on and get coffee to keep us on our toes when we work. It also shows you appreciate us. You pay nothing extra.

Package Contents:

Alarm CONTROL unit AJAX HUB2W, Remote CONTROL Alarm, AJAX SPACE CONTROL W1 motion sensor with camera, AJAX MOTION CAM W 4 MOTION detectors, Animal AJAX MOTIONPROTECT, W1 indoor siren, AJAX HOMESIREN, Wireless Outdoor AJAX STREETSIREN, 8 detectors opening AJAX DOOR PROTECT.

XiaomiToday Rating: 4.8/5


Price: $1,799.25

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