Realme Watch S: Probably the best Smartwatch for $53.99

The smartwatches category is a tough “battlefield” for any manufacturer, increasing things and consumer demands.

So every company needs to work hard enough to convince the potential customer that its product is worth the money it is asking for.

Realme enters the “arena” not with the laurels of a company that has made a name for itself in the field of smartphones and wants to “cash in” by making predators in other sectors.

The brand new  Realme Watch S does not give you this feeling at all, both in terms of price and mainly in terms of quality and features.

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Features of Realme Watch S:

In appearance, Realme offers us a beautiful set of aluminum alloys,  Gorilla Glass for screen protection, and a 22mm strap that changes easily.

The front is dominated by the 1.3″ screen (360 × 360 and not the classic 240 × 240 pile) with the watch, however, being quite large since we are talking about 48’s in diameter, which some will like and others will not.

Realme Watch S China

The screen is  Full Touch and has  Auto-Brightness, something you do not easily find in economic proposals, with your watch adapting to the lighting of the surrounding area.


This also helps save the battery, which is at  390mAh, and charges in a  magnetic charger to give a range of  15 days.

Of course, as in all things with a battery, this measurement was made in Realme laboratories and in ideal conditions of use. Therefore a more real autonomy will be in the 7-10 days, which is still good.

There is also the classic sensor for the various measurements on the back, which the name Realme makes us believe that will not be completely cuckoo like in other No-name watches.

It records the oxygen in the blood, your pulse in real-time (24h), the quality of sleep, the steps, the calories you burn, the distance. While it warns you to drink water or get up when you sit for a long time.

Of course, this is not the only thing the  Realme Watch S does.

Realme Watch S United States


Via  Realme Link (its app) and  Bluetooth 5.0 will connect to the Smartwatch, so you will better control your performance in  16 different sports, or you will take control of the music and the camera of your mobile phone.

In addition, there is a function of finding the phone, meditation (!), timer, alarm clock, low battery, DND, Power Saving, etc.

Notifications and calls go directly to your wrist, and that is where BT5.0 counts a lot so that there are no connection problems.


Continuing with the positives, let’s say that the watch is certified with  IP68, and in her honor, Realme says not to put it in the pool, although it probably will not happen.

In addition, something that impresses and shows that the company cares about its products is the fact that it has endowed it with over 100 watch faces to choose from!

I really think the Realme watch stands out. If he had a GPS or AMOLED screen (he would not make $53.99), he would be a direct competitor of the Amazfit GTR!

It is beautiful, it “fills” your wrist, it has quality construction and possibilities that fully support its money and a price that does not stress you.

It is a beautiful gift for those who have a budget around the money they ask for and want to get something that will give real value to their money.

Realme Watch S Smartwatch now available for just $53.99 (Banggood) 

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