Buy Elephone Elepods S TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds For Just $11.74 (Coupon Deal)

For a long time now, Elephone wants its name not to be associated only with mobile phones and their various accessories, which it has been marketing for a long time. So, recently she presented us with her first smartwatch, while today we will show you her first attempt in the “world” of TWS headphones. Elephone has introduced inexpensive fully wireless headphones called ElePods S. The Elephone ElePods S TWS earbuds received a traditional design, but it cannot be said that the manufacturer decided to copy some of the popular models. The headphones themselves weigh 4.1 g and have two microphones for the noise-canceling system.

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This first attempt is made with the Elephone ElePods S, and it may have been the “simple” Elepods in the past, but I say now that it is the first time because now it is worth taking a look. Their ergonomic design and low weight ensure comfort in long hours of use but also a guarantee that they will not fall on you and you will look for them. Finally, let’s say that their case charges via Type-C and that our headphones are waterproof (IPX5) so they are not afraid of sweat or rain. Until then, though.

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Both Elephone ElePods S earbuds together offer a range of 20 hours (always with the help of their case); while each headset will last for 4 hours to play your favorite music. They have Bluetooth 5.0 for a seamless connection to your mobile and a dual microphone; with Noise Canceling function so that your calls are not affected by ambient sounds. The technology used by Elephone promises us crystal clear sound, while the Elepods S; also has Game Mode for an even better sound result in gaming and beyond.

The first thing that personally “attracted” me was the choice between three different colors, with green especially being very nice. Here we have real lice, that is, very, very small headphones which; if you are like me – then you are sure to lose them. So he wants some attention. Elephone ElePods S box is correspondingly small, which of course helps a lot in terms of portability. Each coin has two sides. Their case has a 320mAh battery to charge your headphones (each weighs 4g) on the go. Of course, they have stereo sound when you wear both.

You can find these amazing Elephone Elepods S TWS Earbuds on at a price of $11.74 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: 5OVNNZYD
Ship From DE Warehouse

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