ZTE AXON 30 Under Screen Camera Phone updated with 20GB RAM

Not long ago, ZTE officially released the Axon 30 under-screen camera phone, the world’s first 400PPI under-screen camera phone, and the world’s first 120Hz high-brush under-screen camera phone.

Features of ZTE AXON 30 Under screen Camera Phone:

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the two leading industry releases of under-screen proactive phones, ZTE Axon 30 also brings the world’s leading 20GB memory, its innovative realization of 8GB memory expansion technology, compared with other vendors. The commonly equipped 3GB expansion is much higher.
At the same time, with the addition of the 12GB physical memory version originally equipped with ZTE Axon 30, it is the first to realize 20GB memory. According to relevant bloggers, ZTE has officially pushed the 8GB memory expansion system version to users today.

ZTE AXON 30 Under Screen Camera Phone Malaysia
It is reported that the memory fusion expansion technology is to uses a part of the flash memory as running memory so that the phone can open more applications at the same time. Through memory fusion technology, the memory space can be greatly increased, and the number of apps that reside in the background can be significantly increased. , The user experience will be improved.


ZTE Axon 30 is also comes with this year’s most popular Snapdragon 870 processor. It can provide strong performance output protection. It has a built-in 4200-mAh battery and supports 55W fast charging, which is mainstream in the same price range.

ZTE Axon 30 is also excellent in rear imaging. It adopts a matrix arrangement of the four-camera solution, in which the main camera is the 64-megapixel IMX682 main camera. This is supported with 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 5 million-pixel macro + 2 million-pixel depth of field. The lens can cover most of the needs of shooting scenes in daily life.

ZTE AXON 30 Under Screen Camera Phone Philippines


Currently, ZTE Axon 30 is on hot sale. The official company provides a total of 6/8+128G and 8/12+256G storage versions. The prices range from 2,198 yuan to 3098 yuan, respectively. It is currently the cheapest under-screen front in the world—a photo flagship phone

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