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Roborock, a leading developer of vacuum cleaners is known for its robot vacuum cleaners. The recent Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner makes the brand more popular. Now, the company is planning to launch the new Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner in the H-series. Before this, we have our hands on the Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner which is a great option in the premium market. So, does Roborock packs in the new handheld vacuum cleaner?

ROBOROCK H7 Vacuum Cleaner Germany

Features of Roborock H7 Vacuum cleaner:

The first upgrade we get in the vacuum cleaner is the first cleaning power. 480W power will allow the vacuum cleaner to collect all the dust and debris deeply from the carpets. Also, this will help you to clean your car mattress easily. With the LiPo battery, we can use the vacuum cleaner for about 90 minutes on a single charge. IT will take about 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

ROBOROCK H7 Vacuum Cleaner Italy

“We are proud to have been the first to introduce a LiPo battery into cordless handheld vacuums, bringing unique benefits to the cleaning experience. With the new H7, we have built upon what our previous models lacked and fulfilled consumer desires for an extreme lightweight design, powerful suction, decreased charging time and new storage options,” says Richard Chang, CEO of Roborock.

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Roborock H7 Vacuum Cleaner Canada

The additional feature that we get in the vacuum cleaner is the various cleaning modes. Adding the mop accessory, you can now switch to the mopping mode. In this way, you can clean your surroundings like hardwood and carpets.

Roborock H7 vacuum cleaner requires very little maintenance. Like we get the large capacity dustbin of 500ml. So, we will not have to check the dustbin frequently. In the box, we get disposable dust bags which helps to reduce dust spray.

ROBOROCK H7 Vacuum Cleaner United States

Due to the lightweight (3.2lbs), we can transfer this vacuum cleaner easily around the house. The magnetic Easy store system (MagBase) will allow you to easily collect all the parts. In addition to this, we get the child lock, so we can place it anywhere without any worry.

ROBOROCK H7 Vacuum Cleaner Malaysia

To collect the pollen and fungi, a vacuum cleaner comes with HEPA filtration, capturing 99.99% of particles. To check the battery of the vacuum cleaner, we get the OLED screen on the top.


The Roborock H7 Vacuum cleaner will available to purchase in July 2021. The price of a vacuum cleaner is set at $389.99


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