Nilox X7 Electric Mountain Bike Review: Versatile E-Bike

One of the Best Electric Bikes for City and Trekking

The Nilox X7 electric mountain bike takes us back to the classic mountain bike era. There is everything simple but striking for this electric bike. Also, the X7 E bikes have large-size 27.5-inch wheels with an LCD Intelligent Display screen panel. Therefore, its design and usability are practical and comfy to ride in the city or for trekking. This electric bicycle has a 250W durable and Brushless Motor. These are the reasons why we check its features and review them. We find that there is nothing missing. It even comes with rear and front LED lights.

Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

Nilox X7 Electric Mountain Bike Design

The pedal-assisted E bikes provide the design of an electric mountain bike for the urban styles and sporty preferences. So, the design of the Nilox X7 electric bicycle is sporty and urban. There is a bike carrier for carrying stuff when touring or riding in the city. Also, all frames use aluminum alloy to make X7 durable and lightweight. Therefore, it weighs around 23kg. The Tektro Disc Brakes and the 21-Speed Shimano Gear System are noticeable at first look. Plus, the removable 8AH battery on the front side frame is also notable. However, it is not a foldable bike.
Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

Another device that catches the eye is its LCD screen. It is no advanced or color display. The standard LCD meter with two buttons is the norm for an electric mountain bike. Thus, it has a power button with a settings button. Also, it shows speed, power, battery status, LED headlight icon, and other information. There is also the Power Assist bar with levels for viewing and controlling. The E bikes for trekking and sports use these LCDs because they are quicker to view and also water-resistant.

Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

There is the front suspension for this electric bike with no center shock or shock absorber under the seat. Most mountain e-bikes use these for additional comfort. However, the Nilox X7 design makes up for it. Thus, riding it on bumpy terrains is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. Both 27.5-inch tires have reflectors to ride safely at night. Also, the rear LED light is with its carrier. It is the height of the tires that let you ride it with comfort on dirty and rough roads.

Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

Features and Specs of Nilox X7 Electric Mountain Bike

There is a 250W Brushless motor with an all-aluminum frame. The X7 can reach a max speed of 25km/hr and cover a mileage of about 45km with Pedal Assist Mode. The Nilox X7 electric bicycle has an 8AH LG battery that charges within 4 hours. However, the battery is below the 10AH standard. Still, the X7 electric mountain bike can easily cover up to 35km range on this quality battery from LG. Therefore, it is enough to charge it once a week. One of the unique features of these E bikes is the Tektro Disc Brakes instead of the mechanical ones. These are sport-class disc brakes with serious stopping power and safety.

Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

Changing the gears on the Shimao 21-Speed is reliable because of the quality shifters. Also, using the LCD meter is simple and easy. Turning on the Pedal Assist Mode or switching on the rear and front LED lights is easy. The front fork has a mechanical spring suspension, and the 27.5-inch tires provide comfortable rides. The X7 electric bike can hold up to 100kg of loads. There are a total of five selectable speed modes with a Power Assist Mode. The quality of this e-bike is commendable. The frame is enduring, the LG battery has high-quality charging cells, and the tires are premium.

Nilox X7 electric bike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bicycle

Spec Sheet

MAX SPEED: 25km/hr
Range: 45km
Display: LCD
Tires: 27.5 “x 2.10”
Battery: REMOVABLE LG BATTERY: 36 V – 8 Ah (288 Wh)
Suspension: Front Suspension
Charging Time: 4 hours
Headlight: LED
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Foldable: No

Why is Nilox X7 Electric Bicycle best for city and trekking?

The sporty design, 250W high-speed motor, luggage racks carrier, real-time data tracking LCD, and LED lights are plus. Also, the 36V 8AH high-quality LG battery lets you tour up to 45km mileage. Because it is less than the 10AH standard, it charges within 4 hours. The 10AH battery can take up to 6 or more hours to fully charge. However, there is no center shock system. The 27.5-inch tires will keep you comfortable when you hit the bumps down the road. So, the X7 E bikes are quality bikes for adventures and urban use.

What we Like:

  • The sporty and urban design.
  • 250W High-Speed Brushless Motor.
  • Easy to use LCD meter.
  • The size of the tires is 27.5-inch with a 2.5-inch diameter.
  • There is a quality 8AH LG battery.
  • You can charge it within 4 hours.
  • It can reach 45km mileage.
  • Weight is only 28kg.


  • You cannot fold it.
  • The capacity of the battery could have been 10AH.
  • There is no center shock absorber.

The Verdict

The onboard computer allows you to access the mileage data, turn on the lights and activate the five levels of assistance and Walk mode. The display is medium in size but readable in all light conditions. The buttons are a bit hard to operate, but in our opinion, this is a guarantee of a longer life, no control problems even when wearing gloves. Therefore the Nilox X7 electric mountain bike is a better urban and trekking bike.

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XiaomiToday Rating: 4.8/5


Price: $1,269.35

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