Eleglide M1 Plus Road EBike: Top Price Performance Ratio

Is the Eleglide M1 Plus a better choice for its price and performance?

Many reviews are calling M1 Plus e-bike a best-for-value bike. Thus, we try this theory out and check its performance for the money. After doing many surveys, Geekbuying launches its Elegliglide E bikes. There are two M1 models and one foldable F1 model. The Eleglide M1 Plus Road EBike is the superior model to the M1. Its review can let you know why we consider it one of the best performers for its price. The category of electric mountain bike is one of the most popular. Whether you want to go somewhere in the city or drive through the woods, e-bikes have no problem with that. So, let’s check this MTB electric bike.
Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bike

Eleglide M1 Plus Road Ebike Design

Both the Eleglide M1 and M1 plus have the same design with some key differences. The M1 E bikes have a 26-inch wheel with less capacity battery. However, the superior model Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike comes with a 27.5-inch CST All Terrains tire. Also, the aluminum alloy frame is slim and uses smooth welding. There is an IPX4 waterproof rating for the M1 Plus. Therefore, it is safe from splashes in any direction. Most of the budget electric bikes have the same rating. What matters is the water resistance capacity of the motor.
Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bike


You will not find a colorful or digital LCD speedometer. It has a standard control panel meter. Also, the controller is best for the daytime. However, at night it provides enough backlight, but it could have been better. It is a bold move from Geekbuying to go with this type of controller. Most of the famous mountain electric bikes have a fancy and boasting LCD. You can control the speed, modes, Assist modes, power, and headlight. There is also no rear LED light. Considering the Plus model of the series, these things are missing. The reason is the price factor. The more capacity battery with other premium features still keeps the price low.

Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bike
Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bike

The Tires and Handlebar

The 27.5-inch CST All Terrains tires are not puncture-proof but tough for riding mountains, woods, and other tough terrains. These have a narrow diameter with more height. Therefore, it becomes easy to use it for camping trips or outdoor adventures. The Eleglide M1 Plus electric mountain bike takes on a thoughtful and slim design instead of the chunky mountain bikes. The handlebar comes in a non-foldable design. Also, you have two options. You can choose from those with a rotating element for activating the electric motor and from “classic” fixed. In this case, the electric motor switches on automatically when it detects that you have stepped on the pedals.

Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bike

Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bike

Features and Specs of Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike

The Eleglide M1 Plus mountain road ebike has a powerful 250W motor. Therefore, you can reach a max speed of 25km/hr in pure electric mode. It has a max power of up to 500W with 45NM torque power. Thus, you can say that it is a variable Brushless motor. There is a 36V 12.4AH battery that can cover a mileage of 100km with the Assist electric mode. However, it depends on the road condition. So, you can cover up to 50km or more mileage without any problems. Plus, there are protections for the battery. You also have the option of removing the battery for charging.

Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike electric mountain bike e bikes electric bike

The transmission system is the popular high-quality Shimano 21-Speed. There is also a gear protector with the package. It is easy to install and will keep gear shifting smooth and safe from chain slips. The front fork has quality shock absorbers that use spring suspension. However, it has no center shock for added comfort. You can use the three modes, Speed, Cruise, and Push Mode. These are the only E bikes with a 6km/hr Push Mode that comfortably lets you climb 15 degrees uphill. Like all premium electric mountain bikes, it has Dual Disc brakes.

ELEGLIDE M1 PLUS mountain Electric Bike

The M1 Plus electric bike can hold up to 100kg load. Turning on the cruise mode is a little intricate but not challenging. Twist and hold the accelerator; meanwhile, press the MODE button for up to 6 seconds to activate the cruise control function. Also, there are 5 Pedal Assist Speed Modes. You can use the control panel on the handle bar to use these. Let us now check the spec sheet for the Eleglide M1 Plus mountain road ebike.

Spec Sheet

Motor: 250W (Rated Voltage 36V; Ins Max Power 500W; Max output torque 45N.M)
Material: Aluminum Alloy Manual Smooth Welding Frame
Speed: 25km/hr
Display: Control Panel
Suspension: Front spring Suspension
Battery: 36V 12.5Ah support Protect System
Range: 50km (Electric mode); 100km (Assistant mode)
Charging Time: 7 hours
Cover Tire: CST 27.5″*2.1″
Shifter: SHIMANO Shifter / Runrun Front Derailleur / SHIMANO TOURNEY TZ Rear Derailleu
Waterproof rate: IPX4 (Splash Proof)
Brake System: Dual Disk Brake, OD 160mm

Are the features worth its performance value for money?

The 250W motor with a max capability of 500W with 45NM torque power and a 21-Speed shifter makes it a good value e-bike. However, there is no LCD display screen meter. It is also an advantage to use the simple control panel system. The heavy rain will not disrupt or damage it. Therefore, it seems a durable option, although a color LCD still seems fancy. There is no center shock system, but the front fork uses mechanical spring suspension. So, the comfort level is on the standard side. There are mountain electric bikes with less price and a center shock. But these E bikes have a 7-Speed shifter instead of the 21-Speed one.

The Hard Truth

The Eleglide M1 Plus has no rear light, and you cannot fold it. So, any electric bike within the 1000 USD range should at least have rear LED light by default. All of the frame materials use aluminum alloy for durability. The advantage of spending this amount on it is the 21-speed, sleek mountain bike design, powerful low energy-consuming battery, and usability. So, with some sacrifices, it focuses on the vital requirements to ride on all types of terrains. Not to mention the 12.4AH battery for reaching 100km mileage.

What we like:

  1. Price performance ratio.
  2. The powerful 250W motor with Ins 500W and 45NM torque.
  3. 100km mileage range with Assistant Mode.
  4. Cruise Mode.
  5. Aluminum Alloy frame.
  6. 6km/hr Push Mode for climbing uphill.
  7. 12.5AH capacity battery with removing and locking option.
  8. Sleek mountain electric bike design.
  9. IPX4 waterproof rating.
  10. A gear protector for the 21-Speed Shimano Shifter.
  11. 100 kg max load.
  12. 5 Pedal Assist Speed Modes.
  13. Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes.
  14. Mechanical Spring Suspension for the front fork.
  15. 27.5-inch CST All Terrain Tires.
  16. EU local After Sales Service.

What we don’t like:

  1. There is no color LCD display meter.
  2. It has no center shock system.
  3. You cannot fold it.

Packaging and Delivery

The store will send it to you from the EU warehouse, so it will arrive quickly and at the same time without paying any fees or filling out lengthy customs forms. You can select Aliexpress or Geekbuying to buy it. Both have a similar price range and quick delivery. There is the toolkit, pedals, rear shifter protector, keys, throttle set, mudguards, charger, M1 Plus bike, and manual in the package. It weighs around 27kg, and the size is 1480x770x240mm. The size of the M1 Plus electric mountain bike is 1790x650x1041mm. Also, the width of the handlebar is 65cm.

Unboxing Eleglide M1 Plus Road Ebike

The Verdict

The Eleglide M1 Plus road ebike has a powerful motor, a large replaceable and easily removable battery, and a respectable 21-speed transmission system. During the trial period that we had at our disposal with the bicycle, we were surprised from the very beginning. The manufacturer manages to offer performance for a viral price.

Other Eleglide Electric Bike Models: ELEGLIDE F1   ELEGLIDE M1

XiaomiToday Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $832.19

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