Buy Niubility B14 Electric Moped Folding Bike For Just $615.99 (Coupon Deal)

Niubility B14 Electric Moped Folding Bike offers us a solid construction coupled with a folding design, and even more interesting, a 400W motor that can deliver up to 100 kilometers of autonomy with assistance from minimum pedaling. If you are interested in knowing it in greater detail, you have come to the right place.

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Niubility B14 Electric Moped Folding Bike is quite compact, something that is denoted by its 14-inch wheels; that we know of there is no model that makes use of 20-inch wheels or anything like that. In this order of ideas, the Niubility B14 has a folding mechanism to reduce the space that the bike occupies when storing or loading it; it even has a carry handle just below the seat tube. With just two steps of releasing the latches and folding the body in, the bike goes from measuring 122 x 49 x 108cm to 71 x 37 x 64cm. The weight obviously stays the same, at 21.5 kilograms.

Niubility B14 Electric Moped Folding Bike presents a frame made with an aluminum alloy profile that provides resistance to the structure. It may not appeal to everyone, but in the center of the frame is the folding mechanism secured by a latch. Meanwhile, at the back, we will find a horizontal surface that serves to add a plot or trunk. However, it is not recommended to mount a second passenger on it, as the engine is not designed to withstand loads greater than 120 kilograms.

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Additionally, on the right side of the handlebar, there is a small monochrome LCD screen; which is used to indicate the battery status, the current speed; also to switch between the 3 available pedaling assistance modes. Just below the screen is the place where the key must insert in order to start the vehicle; a detail that is appreciated in this price range. In case you’re wondering, the throttle is also to the right of the handlebar. The Niubility B14 Electric Moped Folding Bike is powered by a competent 400W brushless motor that can reach speeds; of up to 25 kilometers per hour and climb slopes of up to 25 degrees incline with little trouble. However, it is an electric bike that lacks a gearbox and a torque sensor; which means that it starts exclusively with the pedal sensor.

According to the manufacturer, the 48V / 15Ah battery onboard the Niubility B14 Electric Moped Folding Bike; should provide a minimum of 65 kilometers of travel and up to 100 kilometers with minimal pedaling assistance. However, users agree that in practice the real distances are reduced to 50km and 80km; respectively, which is not bad considering that the laboratory tests are far from reality; where the roads do have potholes and uneven surfaces.

You can find this amazing Niubility B14 Electric Moped Folding Bike on at a price of $615.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB752S
Ship From EU Warehouse

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