ADO A20F review, the folding electric fat bike for everyone

ADO is not a new brand in the world of electric bikes, and indeed this A20F is the natural evolution of the previous A20 model, from which it essentially inherits the frame. Still, it adds a pair of 20 × 4 tires from which precisely the nickname of Fat.

How does it get home?

The electric bicycle in question arrives at home in a cardboard box that is not excessive in size. It will not be a problem to receive it directly at home, even if you live in an apartment building. Despite its tonnage, ADO A20F is completely foldable and can take up very little when completely closed. Roughly, consider that you will need a space of 98x45x77 cm to house it. Naturally, the dimensions become significantly larger when it is to be used because when fully open, it occupies a space of approximately 174x53x120 cm.

When you open the package, however, you will find a bicycle almost ready for use. It will be sufficient to eliminate the numerous adhesive tape present and the rubber harnesses before opening it completely. Once this is done, you will have to put the saddle and the handlebars in position and screw the pedals. You are ready to go.

Before getting out on the road, check the tire pressures. In our case, we did not find any error in the pressure of each wheel.

How it is made

The ADO A20F offers a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, which in our case is entirely black, with the logo details in white. There is also the completely white model, with black inserts. Beyond the choice of color, of course, the two bikes are essentially identical. It has a total weight of about 30 kg, which, although completely foldable, makes it difficult to carry by hand. In short, it is not a bike that can be carried “arm in arm”, but the possibility of folding it makes it transportable, for example, in the trunk of a car. Provided, of course, that it is huge. This is because, even when folded, you will have to deal, first of all, with the big tires, which still make it bulky.


The ADO A20F offers a 350 W motor, naturally brushless. Pardon, 500 W. Let’s explain well. To meet the European regulations, there is a version of the bike in question called C1, which is the one destined for the European market. Alongside it is the standard version, destined for the US market with a 500 W motor.

In reality, the two versions are identical in all respects. The limitation can be “overridden” through some settings in the secret menu of the onboard computer, which can actually increase the speed of the bicycle.

It should be noted that according to the regulations in force in Italy, the bicycle cannot exceed the speed of 25 km / h and must always be “powered” by human strength. And then, for this bike to circulate on the public road, it must be set to Mode 1, which is the only one with pedal assistance, which blocks the thrust of the engine as soon as the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour is reached.

The engine is assisted by ADO G-Drive technology among the technical specifications, which automatically manages torque and power delivery, adapting it to the various uses and road surfaces.

Beyond the data on the card, read on to find out how it goes on the road.


The frame, in its forms, is straightforward and minimal; it seems of excellent artistry, at least as regards strength, while some small burrs are not lacking in the welds that join the different pieces. They are not sturdy; on the contrary, they are very resistant and firm, so much so that the bicycle does not offer any crunches during the ride, but aesthetically they are not too clean.

At the rear stands a design with two much thicker bars, which join the rear wheel. Aesthetically, we liked the choice, but also, on a structural level, it gives the bicycle extreme strength and solidity. Fortunately, we add, since the rear is absolutely not cushioned, not even under the seat. It is a pity, even if, to be honest, thanks to the extensive and bulky tires, we did not suffer from stress during the march, even on roads that were not quite bumpy.


Tires are one of the main features of this bike. Those who choose ADO A20F will probably do so because the tires also drive them. These are wheels with a diameter of 20 inches and a thickness of 4 inches. They are huge, sturdy, and also give the sight a sense of “power”. And in fact, these wheels are practically suitable for any road surface. Of course, they are also good for the city and generally asphalted roads, but the extra gear, compared to the classic wheels of a non-fat bike, can be seen above all on dirt roads, bumpy roads, on gravel, and even on sand.

Thanks to these tires, as already mentioned, we can forgive the absence of a rear shock absorber system.

Shimano gearbox

The gearbox is entrusted to Shimano, which as usual, is always ready and reliable. It is a 7-speed transmission, which offers quick and almost always painless shifting, without any particular problems. With the classic lever, you proceed to engage the most agile gear, while the button allows you to engage a higher gear able to assist the rider when riding at higher speeds. Out of the box, the gearbox was ready and well adjusted.


Braking is entrusted to two mechanical disc brakes, with a double 160 mm rotor mounted with a 6-hole attachment. We cannot complain too much about the braking system, which all in all works and is safe, whatever the speed. Of course, an electric bike of this size would have benefited more from a hydraulic braking system. Not bad, however, because the choice of the manufacturer serves to contain the price and, therefore, it seems acceptable and justifiable.

On-board computer

ADO A20F is equipped with an S866 onboard computer with an LCD screen. It immediately provides key gear data, such as the current speed and battery status, but the secret menu actually offers many other options. For this, we did not like the complete absence of detailed instructions on the matter. Indeed, many of the secret functions present must not be changed at all. Still, it is equally true that a detailed explanation of all the functions would allow the rider to set some important display functions in total safety.

ADO A20F review, the folding electric fat bike for everyone

complete manual for this onboard computer can be found online, but it seemed strange to us not to find it in the box. For example, it is important to note how the ADO A20F has a Cruise Control system, which allows you to maintain a constant speed without needing to do anything else, then disable it by braking, a bit like it happens with cars.

However, it is a function that needs to be enabled, and without a specific manual, it is difficult, with the risk of modifying other parameters, which, on the other hand, must be left by default. Furthermore, through the secret menu, it is possible to set the brightness of the display, as well as enable some functions, however, that do not comply with our highway code, such as the start of the engine when stationary or the maximum speed up to 50 km / h.

How it goes on the road

Of the technicians on the engine, it has been said, but how is this bicycle going on the road? The motor’s thrust in the pedal-assist mode is probably not the most intense you can get from a fast electric bike. Nevertheless, under normal conditions of use, the motor can easily bring the rider to a speed of over 20 km per hour without any effort.

You can help yourself with the gearbox to better deal with the road surface and climbs, but in general, the thrust that the engine will be able to offer will allow you to reach 22 – 23 km / h without any effort. To get to the 25 actually promised in pedal assistance, you will have to start pushing on the pedals slightly. Nothing prevents you from going further by engaging a higher gear and exceeding 25 km / h with only the strength of the legs.

Different speech if you choose to enable modes 2 and 3, i.e., the fully electric ones. Let’s start by saying that it is impossible to circulate on public roads in these ways, which can only be enabled in private contexts. In this case, the motor can take you to significantly higher speeds, especially if the motor’s full power is unlocked via the secret menu. We decided not to try this mode on the road at all, but for information, only doing a “laboratory test”, we tried to give gas while stationary, keeping the rear wheel raised: in this case, the on-board computer touched 50 km / h.

As for the G-Drive technology that the bike enjoys, which in theory serves to adapt the delivery of torque and power, we have not noticed any particular changes on the road to the general behavior of the bike, whatever the road surface is trodden. Probably, this is exactly what the ADO G-Drive system aims to achieve: by adapting power delivery; it will allow you to enjoy a constant and uniform journey, whatever the conditions of the asphalt.

ADO A20F allows you to “attack” even climbs, as long as obviously you do not overdo it with the slopes. We tried to climb prohibitive heights, resulting from pushing above all muscles, helping us with the most agile walking possible.

Beyond extreme scenarios, however, walking on this ADO A20F is truly a pleasure. While driving, there is no noise, no creaking or rustling. Let’s imagine that the city walks among the main usage scenarios or that many will use it to reach the workplace or reach friends. During these trips, the level of comfort will be absolutely appreciable.

Certainly, however, with a pair of tires like this, it will be hard not to tackle secondary roads and off-road to take full advantage of the bike. Even in these more difficult scenarios, the ADO A20F does not hold back at all, certainly allowing you to tackle more rugged routes without problems. You will have to work a lot more with the body in these circumstances. It will be better to completely deactivate the pedal assistance in some even more extreme situations and only go with a muscular push. This, of course, when the off-road becomes even more challenging, while if you think of a walk on the sand or gravel, the A20F can be used normally, complete with pedal assistance.

Battery and Autonomy

The battery of the ADO A20F is 36v at 10.4 Ah. In reality, even on paper, it did not seem like a suitable decision for the weight and tonnage of this bike. This may be why the sensation of thrust in pedal-assist mode was not so high.

As for autonomy, then, it isn’t easy to give estimates because everything depends on the type of mantle covered and how it is done. The manufacturer’s estimates, however, seem a bit too optimistic to us. In assisted pedaling mode, which is the only one that must be used on the road, it is possible to imagine easily exceeding 50 kilometers of travel, perhaps pushing towards 60. If, on the other hand, you plan to tackle a route in fully electric mode (where it is allowed), it isn’t easy to imagine going beyond 30/35 kilometers unless it is completely flat or downhill roads.

Also, for full recharging, expect to leave it plugged into the socket for at least 6/8 hours.


ADO A20F is certainly a good Fat e-bike. Also suitable for the city, it will also allow you to tackle off-road walks without having to worry too much about the type of road surface. It does not have a particularly high thrust, but the driving sensation is good due to its high solidity, and performance is still suitable in different scenarios. We imagine that it is also useful for reaching the workplace or for a Sunday walk in a restricted traffic area.

It should also be noted that ADO offers an after-sales service up to 10 years, with the possibility of replacing the bicycle for malfunctions during the legal warranty period. Furthermore, the manufacturer ensures repairs and support from warehouses in Europe, therefore with rapid interventions.


  • Sturdy and massive
  • Tires suitable for any road
  • Good autonomy
  • Front headlight
  • In electric mode, it travels a lot


  • No illuminated rear lights
  • Poor complementary smartphone holder
  • No rear shock absorbers
  • No manual included for the on-board computer

Price and availability

You can buy it at this address for 824 euros thanks to the discount code 3HQ4MD4OCSJB. It is available in black or white, and the shipping costs are free, and the seller ensures no customs duties.

At this address, however, you will find numerous ADO accessories to combine with the bike.

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