Buy Tronsmart Force 2 Portable Speaker For Just $39.99 (Coupon Deal)

Tronsmart is now a guarantee for Bluetooth speakers, and it never ceases to surprise us. Tronsmart Force 2 is coming, super resistant speaker perfect for your free time! Tronsmart Force 2 is a powerful and ultra-compact speaker, able to release up to 30W of power and, an absolute novelty for the manufacturer, to pair more than 100 speakers to a single device, for an experience without limits!

Coupon Code: GKBTSDE13 (DE) – 5NBAV3M5 (ES)
Ship From DE Warehouse Ship From ES Warehouse at $39.99

Tronsmart Force 2 is the first Tronsmart product to use a high-end audio chip from Qualcomm. Force 2 delivers incredible sound and ultra-low latency, helping you experience the best quality music. Force 2 supports broadcast mode, which means you can connect more than 100 speakers together at the same time. This function is only found in a few brands in the market. And most of them are quite expensive. The Tronsmart Force 2 is a small and light portable speaker with Bluetooth 5.0 which is water-resistant and delivers good sound quality. This compact speaker weighs only 627 grams but nevertheless delivers a powerful sound with a power of 30W.

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Like all Force series products, Force 2 still uses Tronsmart’s patented SoundPulse® technology. Because of this technology, the Force 2 speaker has an effective power of up to 30W RMS. With two sets of the passive diaphragm, Force 2 gives you immersive sound with powerful bass. Due to its small size and robust design, you can easily take this speaker with you wherever you go to listen to your favorite music. Because the Tronsmart Force 2 is water-resistant (IPX7 certified), it is no problem to use this speaker outside. Do you have multiple Force 2 speakers? Then you can link more than 100 of these speakers together!

Besides, this speaker also supports a voice assistant, control by Android / iOS apps. Playtime for up to 15 hours lets you enjoy music all day. This speaker is great for outdoor activities. If you love cycling, it is a perfect choice. You can place the speaker in the portable bike holder. When the Tronsmart Force 2 is fully charged, you can play music for up to 15 hours non-stop before having to recharge the speaker. With the included USB-C charging cable, the speaker is fully charged in 3 hours.

You can find this amazing Tronsmart Force 2 Portable Speaker on at a price of $39.99 incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKBTSDE13 (DE) – 5NBAV3M5 (ES)
Ship From DE Warehouse Ship From ES Warehouse at $39.99

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