Buy ADO A20F Off-road Electric Folding Bike For Just $939.99 (Coupon Deal)

ADO A20F is a solid, good-looking folding electric bike with good technical parameters. Thick, 20-inch tires with excellent traction are perfect for more difficult conditions, harder roads, forest roads, and asphalt in urban conditions. The powerful 500W motor will do its job perfectly on steeper hills. The bike can ride uphill from 25-30 °. The bike is equipped with an intelligent vector control system for precise bike control. This system ensures the smooth interaction of all bicycle assemblies. The control unit collects, analyzes vehicle information, precisely controls the kinetic energy response, saves energy, taking you to an extraordinary driving experience.

Coupon Code: GKB745S
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The ADO A20F electric bike has a high-quality Japanese Shimano 7-speed system. Bicycle enthusiasts know that only the highest quality bikes can boast Shimano gear systems. The bike comes with a strong dual braking system (front and rear disc brakes). When the brake levers are pressed, the braking force is easily controlled, and a feeling of gentle control is felt. Sturdy aluminum frame, the price of the bike was checked by strictly controlled vibration tests.

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The bike is certified – meets the CE standard, has a 3C safety certificate. Designed to provide the best driving experience with easy operation. The ADO A20F has extremely wear-resistant and extra-stick 20-inch tires that improve handling on wet or slippery road surfaces. Effectively ensures smooth rolling and safe braking on rainy days. Wet braking distance – 6 m, dry pavement – 4 m. N uo prevent splashing mud flaps, antiskid folding pedals. The bike complies with the IPX5 standard. Ideal for driving in more difficult conditions, on sandy, wet, solid roads.

Supports 3 driving modes: you can drive about 40 km on electricity alone, and up to 70-80 km while pedaling. Can also use without an electric motor, just like a simple bike. The maximum speed for electric driving is 25 km / h. (unlimited up to 45 km / h). The bike has a 10.4 Ah 36V battery that is 0 to 100 percent. charges in about 4-5 hours. The battery is hidden and placed in the frame of the bike; has a secure lock, so you will be safe because of it. The battery can remove and taken home for charging without carrying the bike itself to a power source.

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The ADO A20F has a bright, highly visible sun visor with information on speed (km / h), distance traveled, remaining battery, and driving mode. It has an LED light, comfortable and ergonomic handlebars. Comfortable seat, front shock absorbed gently absorb road bumps, reduce vibration, shake, create a pleasant and comfortable driving experience. People up to 120 kg can ride a bicycle, the recommended height is up to 200 cm. The folding electric bicycle is a convenient, practical, and environmentally friendly means of transportation. You will fold in just 10 seconds. The 3-step folding system, bike completely fold – over half, fold steering wheel and pedals. Compact, convenient transportation in the trunk of the car, the cabin of the elevator, end upbringing in the home or office.

You can find this amazing ADO A20F Off-road Electric Folding Bike on at a price of $939.99 at an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB745S
Ship From EU Warehouse

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