ZTE LiveBuds Pro Noise-canceling Headphones launched

July 29, 2021, ZTE Livebuds pro was finally released today. The company releases two headsets and some peripheral products. 

ZTE LiveBuds Pro is a mid-to-high-end noise-canceling headset with almost the same shape as XX. It has an ear handle and an in-ear solution, with white and black color options. ZTE LiveBuds Pro supports active noise reduction, with a noise reduction depth of 35dB, integrates six microphones (3 in each cavity), provides four optional modes, noise reduction, transparency (ambient sound), and gaming (delay as low as 70ms) ) And ordinary.

ZTE LiveBuds Pro China

It adopts a wind-proof structure design and supports beam forming technology and ENC call noise reduction algorithm, ensuring clear calls.

 Features of ZTE LiveBuds Pro:

ZTE LiveBuds Pro uses a 10mm moving coil unit, a polymer composite diaphragm, an internal independent sound cavity design, and a software tuning algorithm to ensure sound quality.

In addition, the total battery life of the headset + charging box is 24 hours, without mentioning the single-ear battery life, which should be the conventional mainstream level.

Best Noise cancellation earbuds

Sell ??it for 349 yuan! No noise reduction is required. If you want to be cheaper, you can consider another one-ZTE, bud.

This headset is small and light. It adopts a semi-in-ear design that is almost a bad street. It is also in white and black colors. The unit is unknown. It supports call noise reduction, single-ear call life for 4 hours, music for 5 hours, and comes with a 500-mAh large-capacity charging box. But did not disclose how many times it can charge and the total battery life.

ZTE LiveBuds Pro Japan

Finally, ZTE also released the Minion Series mobile phone case, specially designed for the Axon 30 screen version. There are standard yellow/black and a special version with patterns. They are priced at 99 yuan and 129 yuan, respectively, which are a bit expensive. Finally, there are T-shirts, backpacks, and plush pet toys, but the price has not been announced. If you are interested, please get in touch with the official customer service.

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