ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Review: Foldable and Portable

For the sake of environmental protection, more and more mobile phone manufacturers no longer provide chargers for newly launched mobile phones, and the charging power of mobile phones is getting higher and higher. Since gallium nitride GaN is known as the third-generation semiconductor material, under the same power, the gallium nitride GaN charger has a smaller volume and better heat dissipation. I recently started with a Zimi 65W gallium nitride GaN charger.

When I got the product, especially the packaging was exquisite. The painted paper packaging box made people see the black charging head body at a glance. In particular, I was hoping you could take out the black charging head body with a film on it, which is where this product gives me a good impression.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger China

Simply put, this charger is more square when held in your hand. My favourite is the folding head design, which is easy to store and easy to carry. Of course, it also supports mainstream fast charging protocols! Without further ado, let me share with you my experience of using this product.

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ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Appearance:

I started this charger mainly for the following four reasons: First, in terms of appearance, the matte black fuselage gives people a powerful and stable feeling, just like other Mijia products, which are stable and elegant!

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Japan

Fast Charging Speed:

Second, a small charging head can provide the fastest charging speed for Android phones, Apple phones, and iPads. In experience, I found this gallium nitride charger to charge Xiaomi 6, and it was immediately prompted when connected to the phone. Fast charging animation, and there is no hot abnormality during the charging process, and the speed is also breakneck.

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Of course, this GaN charger notebook is also supported. It is reported that the Type-C interface has an output power of 65W, which can quickly charge high-power devices such as new Xiaomi notebooks and MacBook Pros.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Spain

A CC charging cable with a length of 1.5 meters and a length of 3A is also included in the packaging box. In terms of size, it is longer than the wire supplied with the Xiaomi 33W GaN charger. In short, it is not only a long-term delivery but also fast charging with this fast charging head.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Interfaces:

The two interfaces can provide fast charging for electronic devices at the same time. Among them, the power of the Type-C interface can be up to 65W when outputting separately, and the power of the USB-A interface can be up to 18W when outputting separately.

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I also like to use the Xiaomi vertical wireless charger (20W) for power supply in daily life. This 65W charging head supports a Type-C interface and USB-A interface, which is very convenient. Compared with the previous USB-A interface charger or Type-C interface gallium nitride GaN charger, even if the CC charging data cable is forgotten, it is no problem to use the USB-A interface-C charging data cable.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger malaysia

Through the CC charging data cable, it can be used directly, which is very convenient. It can wirelessly charge the Xiaomi 11Pro at any time.

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Charging Speed:

Regarding the charging speed, in the experience, I used the ZMI ZMI 65W gallium nitride GaN charger + the original charging cable to charge the Xiaomi 11 Pro. The Xiaomi 11 Pro can activate the MI TURBOCHARGE super fast charge, from 5% to It only takes 24 minutes to 71%, which can increase the power of Mi 11 Pro by about 66%, which is impressive.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Poland

Whether it is at home or traveling, only such a charging head can be done, which is very convenient to carry. If you want to talk about the shortcomings of the product, the main reason is that the surface of the plug is not scratch-resistant.

Finally, let’s summarize the experience of Zimi’s 65W GaN charger. First of all, from the point of view of quality, I think it is worth the price. In addition, it is convenient for carrying and using in multiple scenarios. Finally, I like it. Friends of you can try it. Zimi 65W Gallium Nitride GaN Charger, would you like to try it out?

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