Realme Pad 2021 to launch in the second half of 2021

July 10th, 2021, Realme plans to launch its first tablet computer (Realme Pad) later in 2021, referred to as its branded Pad. Allegedly, the photos posted to SlashLeaks revealed some details about its design and specifications. They may show a fairly versatile slate; if it is the latest, it has a slim profile and a one-piece metal body.

Realme confirmed that it would launch its first-generation Pad during the global launch of GT smartphones. This move may well reflect the ambitions of OEMs, mainly around some central devices, including this tablet, and the connected ecosystem of peripheral devices and AIoT devices.

On the other hand, in addition to showing off its iPad Pro-style edge in the official announcement, Realme has not teased the device too much so far. This feature may match a new leak that claims to show this device publicly.

It is composed of photos of the tablet computer in the user’s hand. Although it is covered with a sticker with a fuzzy mark, it may be a Realme Pad. This is mainly due to its slim one-piece body (probably called space gray at launch) and the standard camera hump in a corner.

Again, the Realme Pad is so simple that it may come from any manufacturer. A photo also shows its front panel, although it is difficult to guess its quality from that angle. So far, Realme has hardly revealed any other information about this tablet or even the operating system it will use. There are still many problems to be solved when it debuts, whether this new leak is accurate.

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