Buy Tronsmart Onyx Free UV Sterilization TWS Earbuds For Just $26.99 (Coupon Deal)

The new Tronsmart Onyx Free UV aptX are incredible earbuds, one of those models that come along once in a long while. These earbuds with the case are spectacular and incredible since they have some spectacular features. With a variety of specifications, these new earbuds are spectacular, you won’t want to stop listening to music with them!

Coupon Code: 5IXX6KPN
Ship From CN/DE/ES Warehouse

They are not just earbuds with spectacular sound. The new Tronsmart Onyx Free is designed to give you the best connection capabilities, thanks to their Bluetooth v5.0, the latest standard of one of the most powerful technologies you will find. Designed for long-distance, it offers you the best sound at a distance of up to 15 meters. It is a very easy model to connect. And thanks to this, this model has other improvements, such as being able to connect your smartphone quickly and stop the music when you take off the earbuds without any problem.

One of the most powerful models you’ll find. You’ll love it. These earbuds have touch control over them and the ability to use them separately. Plus, you can use them with Google Assistant and Alexa with voice control. Whether it’s a sunny day or it’s raining, the Tronsmart Onyx Free does not fear anything, thanks to the IPX7 certification that allows you to use them even in the pouring rain. You can also rinse them under the tap if they fall on it, or if you want to be sure they are clean.

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These new Tronsmart Onyx Free earbuds offer you one of the most incredible sounds you’ll find right now. You’ll find these earbuds for the first time at PowerPlanetOnline. With a Qualcomm QCC3020 processor that supports a wide range of codes, including the aptX codec, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music, in any format. With one of the most spectacular sounds, you will find, thanks to their 6mm drivers that will give you a sound that highlights their great quality bass. In addition, this model has a microphone included with noise cancellation thanks to its CVC 8.0 technology. You will be able to make all kinds of calls in all situations without having any trouble hearing or being heard, no matter where you are. A spectacular and incredible model. It’s great!

Such a model is not just sound and connectivity. Tronsmart Onyx Free are spectacular earbuds that give you everything you expect from earbuds. But they are even better in terms of battery, we’re talking about a model with very long battery life. If we focus on the earbuds, each charge of your earbuds gives you up to 7.5 hours of use. And with their charging case, you can use it for up to 30 hours without any problem. And we have to tell you one of the most spectacular features you’ll find; they have an ultraviolet disinfection lamp so you can always use them as if they were sanitized; these are some of the most amazing earbuds you’ll ever find!

You can find these amazing Tronsmart Onyx Free TWS Earbuds on at a price of $25.99 with an incredible discount by using a Coupon.

Coupon Code: 5IXX6KPN
Ship From CN/DE/ES Warehouse

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