Vidlok Business Webcam W91 – Will Help You Take Video Calling to a Next Level

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to have a quality webcam on our computer, which is an essential tool for teleworking and video calls with friends and family. Even though all laptops come with an integrated camera, their quality often turns out not to be the best. Although high-quality webcams can be out of budget for many users, there are several options that strike a very interesting balance between price/quality. Vidlok Business Webcam W91 is a good example of this, managing to bring users several premium features at a very affordable price.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 specifications:

  • Noise suppression
  • Built-in speaker
  • Full 360 ° rotation
  • Dual microphone
  • Direct connection
  • Ultra wide-angle
  • 1080p resolution

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 will Make Your Video Calls More Professional

There are many offers on the market that promise a wide variety of features, but most of the time, they end up disappointing in their performance. This is not the case with the Vidlok Business Webcam W91, having been designed with the sole focus of improving the quality of users’ video calls. For that, it comes with support for a Full HD resolution (1080p) at 30 FPS and with a 4.5mm lens with f/2.0 focal aperture and support for autofocus.

This way, you’ll make sure you always have the image in focus and get an excellent separation between the various planes in the image. Aiming to satisfy the needs of all users, it also comes with a 90º wide-angle lens and a 360º swivel base, and a 120º vertical adjustment. This way, no matter what you need to show during your call, you will be sure that this webcam will help you.

Dual-Microphone with Noise-Cancellation and Built-in Speaker

Although the recording quality of the camera is more than good; another of the things in which it stands out is in the sound section. It has two built-in microphones capable of capturing audio in stereo quality; which include noise cancellation so that no strange sound gets in the way of your conversation.

As if that were not enough, it also has a speaker that can be used to clearly hear people during a video conference; although you can also use it to listen to your favorite music without depending on the speaker of your computer. Vidlok Business Webcam W91 has great features that will add a lot to the quality of work video calls; especially since it has a dual microphone.

Vidlok Webcam W91 Noise Canceling Will do “Magic” in Your Video Calls

Another major challenge during video calls is sound quality, which is often the biggest weakness of notebook computers. With the Vidlok Webcam W91, you will be able to enjoy 2 built-in microphones capable of capturing audio in stereo. In addition, the microphones arrive equipped with noise cancellation, ensuring that all participants can hear you perfectly. This noise cancellation is raised to a higher level thanks to a dedicated speaker for this feature; thus allowing the webcam to easily detect and isolate external sounds, thus making your communication clearer and free from noise.

Plug & Play

Not all users are “masters of technology”, and with that in mind; Vidlok guarantees that all its products are the most practical and simple to use. Thus, this Vidlok Business Webcam W91 comes with support for plug & play technology, which essentially allows users to connect it to a USB port and start using it right away, without requiring any additional configuration.

Where to buy the Vidlok Business Webcam W91?

After reading all these features that this webcam offers, you will surely want to get hold of it. However, its price has not been revealed yet, but Vidlok says it will be very low for everything it offers. Do you want to keep track of this product for when it is on sale? Then go to the official website of the company; there you will find all the information about this and other models:

You can also follow the manufacturer’s news through your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

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