Hiby R3 Pro Player Review: Infinite Wireless connectivity and Audiophile sound

Hiby R3– the music player that stormed the mid-range segment recently. Featured by the ability to support many high-end streaming standards in a compact body and impressive sound quality, Hiby R3 has won the hearts of many audio lovers around the world.  

Recently, the upgraded version of Hiby R3 Pro has officially landed in the Vietnam market after a long time of waiting. Whether Hiby R3 Pro has anything superior to its predecessor and is this the new king in the mid-range segment, let’s find the answer through this article. 

Hiby R3 Pro United States


Comparing the design with the old version, R3 Pro has no big difference. The rectangular body is curved at all 4 corners for a very comfortable grip. The compact size in the palm of your hand makes it easy to carry the device anywhere without worrying about taking up space. 

Music Player still has a monolithic metal chassis combined with 2 glass sides. Keeping the product solid and luxurious. The front is a touch screen 

The position of operation buttons and ports is still the same as on the old version, very reasonable and easy to operate with only one hand.

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Hiby R3 Pro Malaysia

The right side is the main control key cluster. The left side is the volume control cluster. At the top of the machine are the audio outputs and the bottom edge is a memory card slot and a USB-Type C port. 

Just now are the similarities, now come the differences in the appearance of R3 Pro. 

At the 2.5mm Balance port, R3 Pro is added with a yellow metal border around it instead of a uniform black colour like the old version. 

On the front, the pride of audiophiles – this golden Hi-res logo has been imprinted with a delicate wing under the glass, making this seal stand out over time. 

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Small details in the engraving and symbols on the new version are also made more sophisticated and sharper. The small details in this design greatly enhance the sophistication and balance in the overall design of the Hiby R3 Pro, making it more perfect.


Hiby R3 Pro can be called an “old bottle – new wine” version when all changes are focused mostly on the internal configuration. 

On R3 Pro, the entire audio circuit has been redesigned. 

Instead of using 1 DAC chip ES9028Q2M like the old version, R3 Pro is equipped with 2 Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC chips for each channel. The decoder circuit of this music player has become Balanced in a true sense. This will greatly increase the dynamics, layer ability and soundstage of the sound. 

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The amp stage has also been upgraded for greatly improved power. With the 2.5mm Balanced port, the power increases from 112mW to 210mW at 32Ohm. Distortion reduced from 0.003% to just 0.0008%. Promises that the dynamics of the machine will be better and the background sound is significantly quieter. 

The new line-out port meets the 2Vrms standard, allowing the combination of all types of amps from handheld to desktop without experiencing signal distortion due to a weak source like on Hiby R3.

In addition, Hiby also introduced the latest controller chip based on Hiby’s self-designed FPGA architecture combined with 2 ultra-low noise oscillator crystals. This component helps to minimize jitter, making the sound clearer and more natural. 

Hiby R3 Pro Spain

Limitless connectivity

With R3 Pro, you have at hand:

  • A high-quality music player (of course)
  • A digital source for DAC/AMP (Digital Transporter)
  • USB DAC for a computer or phone (USB DAC/AMP)
  • A high-quality Bluetooth receiver and decoder (Bluetooth DAC/AMP)
  • A device that transmits Bluetooth signals directly or indirectly via a USB connection (Bluetooth Transmitter)
  • Digital music streaming workstation via DLNA connection, Airplay (Wifi Music Receiver)

A quick calculation, if we own Hiby R3 Pro, we have up to 5 different device versions. Not all of us will use all of these features on the R3 Pro. However, the excess is better than lack and yes is better than nothing, Hiby R3 Pro is a bargain. 

The Bluetooth standard on R3 Pro has been upgraded from 4.1 to the latest version 5.0 – and supports today’s most powerful Bluetooth codecs such as UAT/LDAC/aptX HD/AptX/AAC/SBC. This will make Hiby R3 Pro better compatible with current True Wireless headset devices as well as enhance the sound quality for all wireless audio devices when receiving signals from Hiby R3 Pro.

Hiby R3 Pro comes with the 5Ghz Wifi standard in addition to the traditional 2.4Ghz standard. It will make the TIDAL, Airplay or DLNA streaming experience smoother and more stable. 

Hiby R3 Pro Russia

Hiby R3 Pro Battery life

Although still using a 1600-mAh battery. Because the circuit is mostly redesigned, more energy-efficient, the battery life is increased. From 11 hours up to 20 hours on the 3.5mm port and from 9 hours to 16 hours on the 2.5mm Balanced port.

Additional features

In addition to the role of a music player, R3 Pro is also equipped with e-book reading and step counting in the built-in firmware version. Very convenient and useful. 

In addition to the new points, Hiby R3 Pro still has some hardware characteristics inherited from the old version:

  • No internal memory: required to use an external memory card to store music.
  • 3.2 inch IPS touch screen, 360 * 480 resolution: the image is not sharp.
  • Ingenic X1000E CPU is preserved
  • Hiby OS Linux-based operating system
  • Built-in TIDAL and MQA. standard


Regarding the smoothness of the console, because it still uses the same CPU as its predecessor. Hiby R3 Pro does not prove to be too superior in this regard. The firmware on the Hiby R3 PRO is also written specifically for the new audio hardware, so the control interface of the R3 Pro is also slightly changed.


In terms of connectivity, device has supported the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and Wifi 5Ghz. Testing music streaming on TIDAL, Hiby R3 Pro for the faster loading speed of playlists, album cover images than the old version. The load time when switching to a new song is also reduced to more than 1s instead of about 3s like on the old Hiby R3.

Connect R3 Pro to True Wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 support for stable sound and better connection distance. In addition, the UAT codec on Hiby R3 PRO works quite stably when connected to its Hiby W3 Bluetooth DAC/AMP. Bluetooth 5.0 on Hiby R3 Pro has promoted its power.         

Experiment with Campfire Solaris – this is a very sensitive headset. Hiby R3 PRO produces a very quiet background, without the slight hissing phenomenon like on Hiby R3. Sometimes, Hiby R3 also encounters the phenomenon of stuttering when changing songs when listening at the Balanced port which is quite annoying. Hiby R3 Pro thoroughly solves this phenomenon.

The capacity in the 3.5mm Single End port of Hiby R3 Pro has a theoretical capacity that is not much better than the old version. When at the same volume level, it is difficult to notice the difference in the size of the two machines. Only when switching to the 2.5mm Balanced port, Hiby R3 Pro clearly shows its overwhelming power. With Cayin YB04, the sound on Hiby R3 Pro is much louder when in High-Gain mode and at the same volume level of 32. 


After about 5 days of continuous listening, it can be commented that the overall tone colour of the Hiby R3 Pro is balanced, warm, smooth and very full. Weaknesses on the old version of thinness in the mid-range, lack of bass and lack of sharp treble have now been filled and made better.

The bass range for good block buoyancy, decisive hit and good speed. The subwoofer notes show the weight even on full-BA headphones like the Cayin YB04. The texture of the drum sound on the Hiby R3 Pro tight and the control is noticeably better when next to the elder Hiby R3. 

In the mid-range, the vocals are full, clear and sharp. Compared to Hiby R3, the vocals on the new version have a slightly forward position with a slight lift in the high-mid and low-treble. The tone colour of the instruments is kept neutral and quite natural. 

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The treble strip on R3 Pro is quite airy, porous and has good quality. It is clear, detailed and sounds better, tinkling more when compared to the previous Hiby R3. The texture in this high range is also tight, not superficial like the old version. 

In terms of stage space, R3 Pro reproduces good width, depth, airy and comfortable. The height of the stage, although not as immense as the flagship models, is very good in the price range. Recreate the 3D space that surrounds the listener’s head. Good separation ability, plenty of space between instruments. The image and position of the instruments on the stage are reproduced with accuracy and moderate loudness. 


Hiby R3 Pro with upgraded connectivity and completely changed the sound processing stage has brought excellent audio experiences. This is an upgraded version that is far superior to its predecessor Hiby R3. If you are considering finding a music player in the price range of 5 million VND. This is an extremely good choice at this time. 

Advantages :

– Compact size

– Combine 6 devices in one, the ability to support unlimited music

– Supports a variety of high-quality wired and wireless music standards

– Long-term software support by the most dedicated audio company today hãng

– Equipped with dual-DAC, powerful amp full-balanced

– Reasonable selling price

Defect :

– The display is not sharp

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