70mai M300 driving recorder launched and available to purchase

Nowadays, the driving recorder has become a must-have car accessory. With the continuous development of technology, the recorder in addition to the most primitive recording function, configure the rest of science and technology has become more and more. The more and more complicated parameters are really dazzling. I don’t know how many people, 618 and 618, Double 11 and Double 11, still haven’t chosen their favorite recorder product.

70mai M300 driving recorder China

Wait for the party, today let us return to the true record of the recorder, the editor brings you a new hidden recorder-70mai M300 driving recorder.

The 70 Mai M300 is available in three colors: space gray, gold powder, and aurora blue. The compact body is only the size of a lipstick. You can hide it easily behind the rearview mirror without obstructing the field of vision. It supports angle rotation adjustment and can be adapted to front windows of different curvatures.

70mai M300 driving recorder Indonesia

Features of 70mai M300 Driving Recorder:

Let me briefly introduce its shooting parameters. The shooting pixels are 3 million, the maximum resolution is 2304*1296, and the maximum aperture is F2.1. It can have a good recording effect whether it is day or night. At the same time, it also has a maximum viewing angle of 140°, and it is no problem to record two-way three-lane.

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The 70 Mai M300 supports 24-hour parking monitoring. With the purchase of a dedicated step-down line, after the vehicle turns off. It enters the parking monitoring mode by default. It continuously monitors the state of the vehicle to automatically record the abnormal collision video of the vehicle. When the battery voltage is lower than 11.4V, the recorder will automatically stop recording to prevent battery loss.

In addition, the 70-mile M300 also has functions such as loop recording, emergency video recording, voice control, and APP interconnection.

Loop recording: automatically record loop coverage videos, and automatically cover earlier recordings when the memory card is full.

70mai M300 driving recorder United States

Emergency video: built-in sensor, in case of emergency braking, collision and other abnormal conditions. It records the video automatically in emergency situation.

Voice control: “I want to record”, “I want to take a picture”, “Turn on/off recording”. No manual operation is required, and voice control is more convenient and quick;

APP interconnection: 70mai APP connects to WI-FI driving recorder, real-time viewing of shooting pictures, playback and download of historical images without any traffic.

70 Mai M300 driving recorder, new product pre-sale, interested friends can click on the card below to jump to purchase:

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