Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad and YOGA Pad gets major updates and horizontal Screen

July 5th, 2021, this morning, Lenovo, the ZUI 12.5 system (Xiaomi MIUI call the experts directly). It belongs to the major version update of Android 11. So Xiaomi Today strongly recommends to upgrade. There are five models in this upgrade: YOGA Pad Pro, Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021, Xiaoxin Pad Plus, Xiaoxin Pad Pro and Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad updates.

The new version adds the global horizontal screen function. Allowing vertical screen applications to use in the horizontal screen. You can view in Settings-Application Management-Global Horizontal Screen.

Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro
Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro

Other updates include:

1. Add a photo recycle bin to the gallery, etc.

2. Optimize the transmission efficiency of Lenovo one and reduce delay

3. Improve the desktop efficiency experience, long-press the desktop application icon to support the application shortcut menu

4. Fully straighten the computer mode entry and exit speed, and the new layout enhances the bottom status bar experience

5. The system update supports WLAN automatic download and night automatic update. It can be checked in the system update settings

6. Improve personalized options, add online wallpapers/online themes, which can be viewed in Settings->Wallpapers, Themes and Fonts

Although the upgrade is stable now, we recommend to back up important personal data to avoid data loss due to abnormalities.

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