Buy ADO A20 Electric Folding Bike For Just $785.99 (Coupon Deal)

The Electric Bicycle has become an alternative and ecological means of transport, and this ADO A20 also has a good price. The ADO A20 electric bike is an excellent example of how eBikes are gaining prominence in personal urban transport in recent times. The A20 is a bike with an urban spirit, but one that allows a mixed-use off the asphalt. It could be said that it is a bike to go to work from Monday to Friday and to go to the field on the weekend. It has a solid aluminum frame that can be folded to fit into any trunk. The 350W electric battery is removable, so it can be conveniently recharged anywhere.

Coupon Code: GKB773S – GKB725S
Ship From PL/UK Warehouse

The ADO A20 electric bike features a high-quality Japanese Shimano 7-speed system. Bicycle enthusiasts know that only the highest quality bikes can boast Shimano gear systems. The bike comes with a dual braking system (front and rear disc brakes), so braking reliability is guaranteed. The rims are made of aluminum alloy, with a six-spoke design. The tire size of the ADO A20 is 20 × 1.95 inches. Extremely gripping bicycle tires ensure excellent grip, explosion-proof when riding on all road surfaces. An excellent damping system sets this bike apart from the competition for this type of bike. The front shock absorbers and shock-absorbing seat will make your bike ride a pleasant ride in any situation.

Complies with IPX5 standard. The bicycle pedals are foldable, which contributes to more convenient bicycle transportation. The dimensions of the bike: 1550 x 530 x 1100 mm and the weight is only 24 kg. People up to 120 kg and up to 200 cm tall can ride a bicycle. The ADO A20 has a particularly bright display with information on speed (km / h), distance traveled, remaining battery, and driving mode. It has a brightly lit LED light on the front and comfortable steering handles. The bike has a USB charging port, and a smartphone holder is included with the bike. You can charge your phone or other electronic devices while driving.

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Supports 3 driving modes. A fully charged A20 bike can travel up to 50 km in electric mode alone or about 80 km with pedal assistance. Can also use without an electric motor, just like a simple bike. The ADO A20 has a 350 W brushless motor with a maximum electric speed of 25 km / h (unlimited 35 km / h). It has a 10.4Ah 36V battery that is fully charged in about 4-6 hours. The battery is hidden and places in the frame of the bike, it has a secure lock, so you will safe from leaving the bike unattended for a short time. The battery is removable, so you can remove and charge it separately. A battery can charge without removing it.

ADO A20 Electric Bike Germany

The ADO A20 electric bike is fully foldable, and thanks to its compact size and lightweight frame, it is easy to transport in the trunk of the car and does not take up much space. Easy to take to the elevator or just bring to the office. Ideal for living in the city, commuting to work without traffic jams. You will also be able to accommodate two in the larger trunk when traveling. The bike frame has a comfortable handle that allows the bike can easily carry in the hand. Designed to provide the best driving experience.

You can find this amazing ADO A20 Electric Folding Bike on at a price of $785.99 at an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB773S – GKB725S
Ship From PL/UK Warehouse

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