Buy KUGOO S1 Plus Folding Electric Scooter For Just $279 (Coupon Deal)

The Kugoo S1 Plus electric scooter is an excellent option for moving around the city over short distances. A lightweight and simple folding mechanism will allow you to be as mobile as possible; even if you need to travel by public transport. The Kugoo S1 PLUS electric scooter has received an even more stylish design and a number of updates; thanks to which the scooter has become even more convenient for use in urban environments:

  • Rubber non-slip cover with a protector on the deck of the electric scooter.
  • New mechanism for folding the handles with additional fixation.
  • The updated mechanism for folding and unfolding the scooter.
  • Contrast and the ergonomic on-board computer.
  • Completely redesigned frame.

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Apart from a number of updates, the KUGOO S1 Plus scooter retains the aircraft aluminum frame It is this material; that has high resistance to the spread of corrosion, resistance to mechanical stress, and overall durability.

Like other models, the S1 PLUS consists of two parts:

  • vertical, including a powerful 350W wheel motor with shock absorber, an updated steering rack, controls, and a compact onboard computer.
  • horizontal, consisting of a solid frame; a rear wheel with a shock absorber, and a deck inside which a 7.6 AH battery.

The scooter is folded using simple mechanisms. The folding mechanism in the S1 PLUS model has been updated, the mechanism is the same as in the M2 pro model. The principle of operation is as follows: we snap off the fuse, then move the retainer to the side, after which the frame is folded. This is an important update, it is more convenient to use in comparison with the S3 and S3 pro, where a lot of effort is needed to fold the scooter, which makes it easy to fold and unfold the scooter for both girls and children.

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The steering rack of the scooter is adjustable and can be set in two height positions:

  • First position from the floor: 87 cm.
  • Second position from the floor: 105 cm.
  • First position from the deck: 74 cm.
  • Second position from the deck: 92 cm.

Additionally, it is fixed with a metal clamp. Thanks to the height adjustment of the steering rack, the model is suitable for both adults and children, providing a comfortable operating environment.

Folding Mechanism

The KUGOO S1 Plus has a completely new folding mechanism for the handles, which are securely locked and have additional locking rings. Now it has become even easier and more reliable, you need to turn the retaining ring outward, pull out the handle and lower it down. The rubber grips (grips) have received an updated texture, thanks to which the grips sit comfortably in the hand and do not slip.

When folded, the electric scooter is compact, the total weight is only 12.5 kg, with such a low weight it is able to withstand the driver’s weight up to 120 kg.

On-board Computer

One of the advantages of the Kugoo S1 PLUS is the updated onboard computer display, which is clear and informative.

The display shows the information required by the user:

  • headlight indicator,
  • current gear,
  • speed of movement,
  • kilometers traveled,
  • battery charge level.

The controls are located on the steering wheel grips: on the sides of the on-board computer there are throttle and electronic recuperative brake grips, they are equipped with a button to turn the scooter on and off, it is also a speed switch (there are 3 speeds in total), the second button controls the light and sound signal. An important advantage is the ability to limit the maximum speed by setting a certain speed (the maximum speed for 1 speed is 20 km / h, for the second – 26 km / h, for the third – 30-35 km / h). Limiting the maximum speed is especially important when driving on uneven terrain and in bad weather conditions.

Electric Scooter Deck

Compared to the previous Kugoo S3 and S3 Pro models, the scooter deck has also changed, now it is not made of abrasive paper, which could not be cleaned from dirt, which also affected the appearance of the device. The KUGOO S1 Plus has a non-slip rubber cover with a tread to reduce slippage and maximize the rider’s grip on the electric scooter. The electric scooter is equipped with a footrest that allows you to leave the scooter in an upright position; when folded, the footboard hides in the recess of the body and does not interfere with movement, and is difficult to hook or damage during maneuvers.

Wheel Motor

Kugoo S1 PLUS also got a new wheel motor with improved technical characteristics. The electric motor power is 350W, thanks to which the Kugoo S1 PLUS is faster and more durable than its predecessors. Firstly, the scooter accelerates faster, and secondly, its maximum speed reaches 35 km / h.

Brake System

The braking system has become more efficient as it takes less time for the scooter to come to a complete stop compared to other models. The handle of the electric brake is located on the left side of the onboard computer and does not require much effort when pressed. The foot brake is designed with a reinforced mudguard, which increases its durability. The KUGOO S1 Plus scooter uses regenerative braking, thanks to which the generated electricity is returned back to the network, charging the battery. Thanks to this system, significant energy savings are achieved and the range is increased.

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Scooter Lighting

The KUGOO S1 Plus electric scooter is equipped with a main LED headlight; which is activated by a function button on the left side. Simultaneously with the main illumination, the parking lights on the electric scooter deck are also turned on (for safe driving on roads in the dark). The brightness of the electric scooter’s lighting is sufficient for the rider to feel safe; and comfortable in the dark or in foggy conditions. The red sidelights on the scooter deck also turn on when the electronic brake is pressed, signaling others about the rider’s maneuvers.

Wheels and Shock Absorption

One of the main advantages of the Kugoo S1 PLUS is the new 8-inch wheels. The scooter is equipped with updated cast wheels, so they are not afraid of punctures. In addition, the wheels are perforated for improved shock absorption. Despite the cast type of wheels, the scooter easily overcomes bumps and provides a smooth ride. Comfortable driving performance is achieved due to a well-thought-out suspension and elastic shock absorbers; (the scooter is equipped with shock absorbers for both the front and rear wheels). Also, thanks to the wide-diameter wheels, it is possible to overcome inclines up to 18 degrees.


The battery pack is located in the deck of the electric scooter. The Kugoo S1 PLUS is equipped with a 7.6AH lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. The capacity is enough to travel up to 30 km on a single charge. The exact driving range depends on the driver’s weight and driving style; (with multiple climbs, the energy consumption will be higher and therefore the driving range is shorter). The compartment for the charger is located at the bottom of the steering column and is hidden under a rubber cap; which reliably protects the charge socket from dust and moisture. Separately, we note that the degree of protection of the scooter corresponds to the IPX4 class.

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