Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher (VDW0401M) now for just $529.13

Xiaomi subsidiary has put some efforts to design the latest smart dishwasher with the energy-saving approach. The brand-new Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher features an advanced tone to help homemakers in caring utensils. It has a 6D spray system along with the Mijia app and XiaoAI voice control. On the Banggood store, it is being appeared with the price tag of 499.19 US dollars.

Physically, the Xiaomi Mijia dishwasher comes in the square design, which is compact and convenient to be placed in your kitchen. Further, it serves users with dual-effect cleaning prospects – sterilization and disinfection. With up to 99.99% sterilization rate, you are going to get ultra-hygienic performance for hale and hearty family.

Let’s have a quick look at the summary of details of the dish washer in the following section.

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Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher Features and Specifications

Design and Build

As per the construction and external appearance, the Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher has a lightweight and portable size in the square design. The overall white colour skin looks elegant and skin-friendly and gives a nice exteriors outlook.

Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher coupon

On top of the front side, there is an LED screen to show real-time operations data. Further, the dishwasher tags an openable gate towards the outward. It prints the logo brand on the outer surface as well.

The chassis is crafted firmly using the high-grade material, which is durable and delicate at the same time. Along with the 12.5kg of weight, the Mijia VDW0401M dishwasher measures 44.2×46.15×41.9 cm.

Dual Cleaning System

Well, the new Xiaomi Internet DishWasher offers sterilization plus disinfection dual-effect cleaning system to gain up to 99.99% sterilization rate. You can use the machine for sterilization, dishwashing, disinfection, drying the storage purpose.

Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher hands on

Spray System

Moreover, the device adopts the 6D double spray system. It has 6 spray types to give you a comprehensive washing experience all the time. The system has 4 sets of tableware loading capacity, which is good for a micro family.

Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher Power

The Xiaomi Mijia DishWasher consumes the 900W of power along with the 220V voltage. It also has a rechargeable battery to work for 90 to 120 minutes per charge. The charging time remains 4-6 hours.

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Water usage

When it comes to the water requirements, the dishwasher delivers energy-saving washing with 5.3L standard water consumption. The water pressure measures 0.04-0.4 MPA.

Xiaomi Mijia Internet DishWasher Control

Besides the button control, the Xiaomi Mijia DishWasher supports the Mijia App as well as XiaoAI voice control.

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