Xiaomi BEEBEST A308 walkie talkie launched with Ultra Thin design at $54

June 29, 2021, Xiaomi‘s Sub-brand BEEBEST is now up with its new walkie talkie. The company was launched in 2019 to bring the best walkie talkies in the market under the Xiaomi logo. The company have now launched the Xiaomi BEEBEST A308 Walkie Talkie. The Walkie Talkie is now on sale at $54.

Xiaomi BEEBEST A308 Walkie Talkie China

Features of Xiaomi BEEBEST A308 Walkie Talkie:

The ultra-thin design of the walkie talkie makes it stand different in the crown of other products. The weight of the product is only 137 grams with 16mm thickness. The thickness of the BEEBEST walkie talkie will give a good grip to the user. The thin body will allow you to carry the A308 Walkie Talkie over longer distances. The A308 BEEBEST Walkie Talkie can survive from -20? to 50?. So, you can use it under every environmental condition. The A308 BEEBEST Walkie Talkie is IP54 Waterproof and dust proof. This means it can survive under 1.8m depth of water.

Xiaomi BEEBEST A308 Walkie Talkie Unites States

The aluminium alloy heat dissipation technology in the Beebest A308 gives it a strong penetration power. You can extend the distance of the BEEBEST A308 Walkie Talkie to 5 KMs. If there is an open environment the range can exceed to 10Kms. And in the moving car, the range reduces to 3KMs.

Xiaomi BEEBEST A308 Walkie Talkie Malaysia

We get the 2190-mAh battery which allows us to use it for about 13 hours continuously. In the standby mode, it will give about 100 hours of backup. Now we get the new air copy frequency function. This function will help the user to copy the 100 channel frequency to multiple walkie talkies without even pairing with them.

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