Buy YOUPING Q02 Folding Electric Scooter For Just $419.99 (Coupon Deal)

When you live in a town or city where you need to get from place to place quickly but you want a smarter, more efficient, and more affordable way than public transportation, nothing beats the convenience and enjoyment you’ll find with a YOUPING Q02 Folding Electric Scooter crafted specifically for adults. This high-powered scooter can reach up to 25km/h with a range of up to 45-55km, making it easy to traverse a city center, visit a friend, or pick up lunch; all without having to hail a cab or catch a ride on the subway. And because you can use it standing or sitting, or fold it up quickly on the fly, you can take it everywhere you want to go so you never have to miss out on an adventure.

Coupon Code: GKB720S (48V/15Ah) – GKB721S (48V/18Ah)
Buy with 48V/15Ah Battery at $439.99 Buy with 48V/18Ah Battery at $485.99

YOUPING Q02 Folding Electric Scooter made of Aluminum alloy has high strength and lightweight; which greatly reduces the weight of the whole vehicle and makes riding easier and safer. The chromed bolts that hold the body pieces together make a beautiful contrast with the black matte full metal body. The robust suspension springs on both wheels suggest; that the YOUPING Q02 Folding Electric Scooter will give you a comfortable ride no matter how far you drive. The customizable led strips give it that final touch it needs to look modern. true explosion-proof vacuum 10-inch tires make the muddy roads flatter, large size ensures safer driving at higher speeds.

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The 36V/10.4Ah, 48V/15Ah, and 48V/18Ah Battery pack; YOUPING Q02 comes with a smart lithium battery charger that can make your ride up to 45-55km. With Easy Charge Port System; The electric folding bike can be charged on or off the frame easily. Front and rear disc brakes fully protect your safety. The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel; and packed with premium comfort shock absorption, double layer aluminum alloy wheel. The bright LED headlamp and horn are equipped for night riding. Niubility Electric Folding Scooter has 500W with brushless motor, 48Volts; max driving distance of about 45-55km (Different weight, different road, will affect the distance).

You can find this amazing YOUPING Q02 Folding Electric Scooter on at a price of $439.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB720S (48V/15Ah) – GKB721S (48V/18Ah)
Buy with 48V/15Ah Battery at $439.99 Buy with 48V/18Ah Battery at $485.99

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