Buy LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS Folding Electric Bike For Just $1,299.99 (Coupon Deal)

There are many types of electric bikes. Street, off-road, fitted with larger or whole small wheels, assisted or throttled. At the same time, however, specimens intended for street use must match, even that the power of the auxiliary motor should not exceed 250 watts. It already shows that the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS is not a bike for street use at all! The performance of the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS is exactly four times that of bicycles for use in street traffic, ie around 1000 watts. I haven’t ridden a bike like this before, the strongest was the 500 watt, and well, it went. I can’t even imagine 1000 watts, but that’s not an explicit cycling experience, I’m sure!

Coupon Code: GKB677S
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The LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS has a top speed of 46 kilometers per hour, and this value, as well as performance, is well above the value allowed in the EU. Not only is the 1000 watt power good for the speed, the climbing ability is not bad either, as the structure also handles a 35-degree ascent. The rest is normal, but not bad. We have a Shimano derailleur, front and rear disc brakes, power supply, on-board computer, headlights in front, and of course, the frame can be folded down so we can put the bike in the trunk of our car.

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Although the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS looks like a camping bike based on the pictures, don’t believe it in the trash, it’s not. Here, too, there are 26-inch balloon tires like on my own bike, and it’s not small, in fact, it’s really damn big, I can’t even go cycling without someone asking me to ask what kind of structure. So, the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS is a real beast. I recommend it to those who expect extreme strength and speed from their electric bike. It can’t even be used on the road because of power and top speed, although knowing the computer on it, I’m almost certain that both top speed and power can be limited to the expected values.

Of course, the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS doesn’t just know a lot about power. The battery pack, built from 18650 cells, can store enough charge for up to 40 kilometers on a single charge, but if you turn the pedal, the electric assist also makes the bike capable of covering a distance of 90 kilometers. The electric bike is more and more in the realm of users’ interests and in fact, there are all types and features. But if you are looking for a compact, but very powerful model Fat Bike, electric bicycle Lankeleisi X3000 General may be a solution, thanks to offering code discounts on Geekbuying and from Europe shipping free.

You can find this amazing LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS Folding Electric Bike on at a price of $1,299.99 with an incredible discount by using a Coupon.

Coupon Code: GKB677S
Ship From EU Warehouse

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