ZIMI 65W GaN Charger photos leaked before the launch

June 25, 2021, At the just-concluded 2021 Shanghai Fruit Pink Carnival, the charging head network found that Zimi exhibited an unlisted product with 65W high power output, dual output interfaces, and a slender design. It is a ZIMI 65W GaN Charger.

The Zimi 65W 1A1C GaN charger adopts the most mainstream bar-shaped cylindrical appearance design at present, 1A1C dual-port configuration, the main body adopts a black appearance design, and the style is more stable and business.

Nitriding Gallium

Features of ZIMI 65W GaN Charger

Through different light refraction, it can be seen that the shell of the Zimi 65W 1A1C GaN charger adopts Zimi’s new ID design. The main structure is a bright reflective process, and the end is frosted, revealing a striking 65W power logo.


In terms of interface configuration, there are two output ports. The current 1A1C dual-port configuration of Wanjin Oil supports mainstream PD fast charging equipment. It can also be used for old equipment.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Indonesia

The pin adopts a foldable pin design, which can be stored in the shell when going out to avoid scratching other luggage, which is convenient for users to use when going out.

At the bottom is the detailed nameplate parameters.

Product Name: ZMI GaN 65W Charger (1A1C) Model: HA729 Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.7A Single Port Output: [USB-A] 5V2.4A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A 18W Max[USB-C] 5V3A / 9V3A / 11V5A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V3.25A 65W Max dual-port output: [USB-A] 5V2.4A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A 18W Max[USB-C] 5V3A / 9V3A / 11V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V2.25A 45W Max Manufacturer: Nanjing Kuke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Supervisor: Jiangsu Zimi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Factory: Salcom (Guigang) Co., Ltd. Products have passed 3C certification.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger United States

Although the exact measurements have not been measured, putting the Zimi 65W 1A1C GaN charger. And the Apple 61W charger together shows that the size of Zimi is very small. The power density data should be very beautiful. In addition, the Zimi 65W 1A1C GaN charger also supports 1A1C dual-port output. It has better compatibility and supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

ZIMI 65W GaN Charger Belgium

The above is the first-hand information of Zimi’s 65W 1A1C GaN charger. The small size has 65W high-power output, and it has 1A1C dual output ports compatible with new and old devices. It supports dual-port fast charging at the same time. More The information editor will continue to update, so stay tuned.

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