Ultenic T10 Vacuum Cleaner launched: The robot which cleans itself

Chinese manufacturers are never behind to surprise the market with their new tech. Electric a Chinese tech manufacturer has now come up with the new home gadget (Ultenic T10 vacuum cleaner). After the period of this Covid-19 and no trustworthy news, the vacuum cleaner industry is once again in turmoil. Thanks to this new tech. which will make human work easier. Automate more home cleaning and automatic dirt collection is a trend in high-tech models.

Features of Ultenic T10 Vacuum Cleaner:

Proscenic is a high-end brand very much familiar in the vacuum cleaner industry. The company helps its sister company Ultenic with this new technology. The new vacuum cleaner comes with three suction modes, EOMS Pro Mapping technology, auto disposal capability. The machine starts with the LDS 8.0 laser navigation system. This system is capable of detecting 99% of obstacles. This will make it easier for a vacuum cleaner to precise the map using a SLAM algorithm.

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Ultenic T10 Vacuum Cleaner United States


The Ultenic T10 vacuum Cleaner comes with the smart voice app, this will allow the user to handle the vacuum cleaner with their voice. Using its powerful 3000Pa Suction power, the vacuum cleaner is able to reduce its noise to the lowest. The greater battery 5200-mAh will help it to clean the house for 5 hours on a single charge. And this is enough time to clean a house of 250 square meters.

Ultenic T10 Vacuum Cleaner Germany

With the three modes, the vacuum cleaner can easily recognize the carpets and push the bristles deeper to collect the difficult dirt. Under this dirt tank, there comes the water tank, which combines with the micro-fibre cloth and improves cleaning by collecting a greater amount of dirt.

Ultenic T10 Vacuum Cleaner Spain

Self Cleaning Mode:

The self-cleaning technology of the vacuum cleaner is what we are looking at. Using the mechanism, the vacuum cleaner empties its dirt for up to 60 days. Overall, the machine is the best equipment for house cleaning.

In this way, you will not have to remember to empty the collected dirt tank every day, or in any case on a regular basis, you will have fewer components to clean and the certainty that all the dirt will be conveyed into a bag that you can easily throw away with the garbage.

Just apply the $40 coupon on the product page, add the Self-emptying Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum & Mop to your Amazon basket, and enter discount code T10Ultenic at checkout to get the $499 deal price.

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