SwitchBot Offers up to 30% off Discount on Sitewide at Amazon Prime Day 2021

Like every year, Amazon Prime Day is an opportunity to achieve very good business, with some promotions ranging up to -80% reduction. Peripherals widely used in home automation; and very popular are in particular the entire range of Switchbot connected objects; which includes a mechanical switch that can control any device, a small robot capable of opening the curtains, but also an infrared remote control or a temperature sensor. This year, SwitchBot Devices are sold off during Prime Day, especially on Amazon which generally offers ultra-competitive prices.

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SwitchBot Motion Sensor and SwitchBot Contact Sensor launched

The  SwitchBot Motion Sensor and SwitchBot Contact Sensor are the new products just launched to the global market by the famous smart device company. Two models that come to join the domotic set of our home. Both are motion sensors that can be very useful in certain everyday situations.

The SwitchBot Motion Sensor device, as its name implies, detects any slight movement both horizontally at an angle of 110º and vertical at an angle of 55º. With this, we can configure an alert notification in our phone app. It can be placed on any surface. If the base is added, it can be magnetically attached to other surfaces, or even attached to other surfaces with 3M adhesive stickers. It can be useful to place it in places; where you want to be alerted when someone passes at certain hours or at night.

If you have purchased the Switch Bot Mini separately, you can make it detect when there is light or darkness and configure some lights, such as those of a lamp to turn on or off depending on the environment. The SwitchBot Contact Sensor, on the other hand, is composed of two pieces that are placed in different parts of doors or windows to detect when they open or close. A product that comes in handy to know when someone opens a door, window, or drawer. Either for security at night if a thief enters; or if we want to monitor what a family member or pet does.

It can be configured through the app or the Hub Mini to perform automatic functions when entering or leaving. It can also be configured next to a camera for added security; or activated, for example, the air conditioning when closing the windows. If we have a purifier, it can be configured to activate when we open the windows.

30% also extends to a single product, such as the Hub Mini, or the Metro thermostat. More specific products such as the SwitchBot EL ‘ humidifier solar panel, both at very attractive prices. And if you really want it all, you can evaluate either; the Varilla package from the SwitchBot family or the sensor combo. For any other information about the SwitchBot event, we invite you to consult the official website at this link. We remind you that the promotional campaign will be active until midnight on June 22, 2021, so they are offering that we can define as very limited.

Go On SwitchBot Amazon Prime Day Sale

About SwitchBot

SwitchBot is a global consumer IoT brand established by a team of makers; backed by global leading VC firms including Hillhouse Capital, Source Code Capital, Ventech, QF Capital, and XBOT Park.

Started off with a simple idea of making a mechanical robot to press the light rocker switch back in 2015 and successfully launched SwitchBot Bot on crowdfunding platforms at the end of 2016. With the mission to improve everyone’s life with technology and innovation, we have grown from a 2-man start-up to a team of hundreds of makers, and successfully launched SwitchBot Thermometer and HygrometerHub MiniCurtainSmart Humidifier, and many more to more than 100 countries and regions.

Smart home lifestyle has always been our main focus, and we care about innovation, user happiness, and quality of lifestyle. Now with SwitchBot, millions of our users are enjoying our smart home products; which appreciate the rewards from the IDEA Design Award, GOOD DESIGN® Award, and Red Star Design Award.

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