Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2021: Guide to choose best Sweeping Robot

Modern people are pursuing a quality life, but they also have a clean and tidy home environment as a prerequisite. But when it comes to cleaning, everyone looks helpless. Nowadays, household cleaning equipment is getting smarter and smarter, and a sweeping robot can easily clean the ground and become everyone’s cleaning saviour. And wanting to buy a value-for-money sweeping robot has always been the focus of consumers. How to buy an intelligent sweeping robot? I will answer it for everyone today. Also, we have chosen the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2021.

First, the purchase index of the sweeping robot

1. Positioning and Navigation Technology

Positioning and navigation is the core technology of the sweeping robot. On the one hand, it can help the sweeping machine locate and know where it is, and on the other hand, it can help the sweeping robot plan the cleaning route to ensure full coverage and cleaning. At present, there are two types of mainstream navigation technologies in the market: LDS laser navigation system and VSLAM vision navigation system.

Sweeping Mop 2021

The LDS laser navigation system uses laser beams to detect the location and speed of the target. It has the advantage of high accuracy and is suitable for various environments. It is currently a more technology. The VSLAM visual navigation system is to observe through the camera, and use image recognition technology to directly obtain the position and distance information of the object from the environment to realize the positioning function; it is not limited by the detection distance, but the disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by the ambient light and the image Recognition places high requirements on the manufacturer’s development capabilities and the sweeper’s transportation capabilities, so the actual effects of using this technology are significantly different.

2. Sweeping capacity

The cleaning ability of the sweeping robot is realized by sweeping and sucking, and this function mainly depends on the three configuration indexes of side brush, suction mouth, and suction. The role of the side brush is to gather the garbage together, and the suction mouth and suction power determine whether the garbage can be sucked clean. If these three points are not done well, the sweeping robot will easily become unclean.

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Sweeping robots are generally divided into unilateral brushes and bilateral brushes. Theoretically, bilateral brushes have a better effect on gathering garbage, but the number of side brushes does not directly determine the gathering effect. It also depends on its speed during cleaning. In terms of the suction port, it is recommended to choose the type that supports the exchange of the roller brush and the vacuum suction port, which can effectively clean dust and particulate waste, and it is not easy to entangle when cleaning the hair. In addition, the greater the suction, the stronger the cleaning ability of the sweeping robot, and now mainstream sweeping machines can reach more than 2000Pa.

Best Xiaomi ROBOT Vacuum Cleaners 2021

3. Additional functions

A. Mopping function

The wet mopping function mainly depends on the water tank. At present, sweeping robots are popularly equipped with electronic micro-control water tanks, which can finely control the water output and evenly seep water to avoid wet mopping and leaking water and soaking the floor; in addition, the water tank is best to choose a larger capacity, so that one-time wet mopping can be achieved, eliminating half of the mop The trouble of adding water many times.

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B. Noise level

The sweeping robot is essentially a self-propelled vacuum cleaner. If it is too quiet, its cleaning effect will often be greatly reduced. Therefore, you can choose a cleaning robot with a silent mode to meet different cleaning needs.

C. Battery capacity

The battery capacity of the sweeping robot determines its battery life. The sweeping robots on the market generally have a battery life of more than 3000mAh, and the battery life is about 1.5 hours, and the larger ones can reach more than 5000mAh, and the battery life is about 2.5 hours. The larger the capacity, the better, but the key is to have an automatic recharging function, which can automatically recharge the sweeper when the battery is low.

2. Product recommendation of the sweeping robot


UONI V980 Plus

The intelligent sweeping robot V980 Plus launched by Youli adopts the eighth-generation laser navigation technology. It customised by Youli to make mapping more precise and planning more efficient. Secondly, the cleaning method abandons the traditional separation of sweeping and mopping, and realises the simultaneous use of the water tank and the dust box through the refined design, achieving the effect of sweeping and mopping in one step. The most important thing is that it has also innovatively added a fully evolved automatic dust collection system. Through the dust collection device, the sweeping robot can automatically collect the dust box garbage after the cleaning is completed, eliminating the trouble of dirty hands cleaning the dust box!

Best Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2021


Cobos’s sweeping robot T8 AIVI is equipped with laser navigation and is also equipped an independent camera. Combined with AI map recognition, it can intelligently distinguish the types of obstacles. Also mark them on the map to enhance the ability to avoid obstacles. In addition, it also focused on upgrading the mopping performance, adding a vibration module. It can achieve high-frequency vibration and mopping; but when using this mode to clean, it can only be used with a disposable mop, and the amount of consumables is large.

Best Chinese Vacuum Cleaner 2021

Roborock T7 Pro

Roborock’s T7 Pro, the sweeping robot, incorporates AI binocular vision obstacle avoidance technology. It also comes with infrared fill light so that the sweeper can have a better sense of space regardless of whether it is in the day or the dark environment. It can perform 3D modelling, distance measurement, and obstacle avoidance for more kinds of common obstacles in families. In terms of cleaning, it is equipped with a large-capacity constant-voltage controlled water tank. It can intelligently adjust the water volume according to your own cleaning needs. But unlike mainstream products, T7 Pro still chooses to configure a unilateral brush, which is not efficient enough in terms of cleaning efficiency.


Xiaomi Ultra Thin Vacuum Cleaner

When the Ultra-thin sweeping robot beluga is in use. It will automatically recognize the sweeping or mopping mode according to the installed module. In addition, by carrying a cleaning base station, this mopping machine will automatically identify the mop after cleaning a certain area. It will automatically return to the base station to clean the mop. This design provides convenience for users. But frequent washing of the mop results in large water consumption. And the water tank must be cleaned up and treated in time during daily cleaning.

Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-thin vacuum cleaner

ECOVACS Deebot T9 Max

The ECOVACS Deebot T9 Max is the flagship new product launched by its brand in 2021. It continues the previous generation of automatic dust collection technology. The ingenious design helps to better fit the corners and clean them.

ECOVACS Deebot T9 Max

At the same time, it is also equipped with the Anti-Allergen anti-allergen system. It can absorb 99% of pollen, dust and allergens, thereby avoiding secondary air pollution. However, this sweeping robot only has the function of mopping. If you want to wet mopping, you have to purchase another mopping robot.


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