Realme Book Laptop announced: Aluminium Alloy Shell Design

June 18, 2021, Realme officially launched the Realme GT smartphone at a press conference on June 15. Along with the smartphone the company also announces the new Realme Book Laptop. Being the first laptop of the company, the product got a lot of attention in the market.

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Features of Realme Book Laptop:

We can find from the renderings exposed by the Realme Book that the product uses an aluminium alloy shell design, and the right-angle frame design looks sharp and angular, giving people a high-level look. In addition, the Realme Book also uses a three-sided narrow bezel design. There are two Type-C interfaces on the left side of the notebook, one of which also supports the Thunderbolt transmission protocol. Moreover, we can also find from the rendering that the Realme Book is very light and thin, and its appearance is also very high. Not to mention, the weight of the later use may be lighter.

Realme Book Laptop China

In addition, the Realme Book’s screen ratio may be 3:2, and the small grilles on both sides of the D surface may also be equipped with dual speakers. There may be surprises in terms of sound effects. It can be seen that the product is carefully designed in terms of details.

Realme Book Laptop United States

On the whole, the design of the Realme Book is very advanced, the appearance is very comfortable and the appearance is also very good. At present, the configuration of Realme Book has not been fully exposed, but the later parameters will be exposed one by one, we can look forward to it together. If you have different opinions on the appearance of the product, you can also comment in the comment section and discuss it together!

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