Buy Exitec H03 Smart Fingerprint Key Lock For Just $55.99 (Coupon Deal)

Exitec H03 is an intelligent door lock that offers keyless door unlocking, either with a stored fingerprint (maximum 128), your phone via Bluetooth, or an application or with a numeric code on the lock handle. Classic key unlocking also works. Exitec H03 is a smart Fingerprint lock and Intelligent Electronic combination lock. It is also a smart keyless Door lock. It has a simple and convenient installation process as it directly replaces the existing handle.

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The smart lock is very powerful, and the interface is very simple to use. It can be operated by Email login, Google, Facebook, or WeChat quick login. It requires only one key to unlock, which makes it unique from other products. The lock has APP password protection. And the major attraction is that it has an option of Multi-language selection. About 14 languages can be operated. The security intelligent door lock from the Exitec brand has its own application with many functions and can be mounted on a door with a standard European lock.

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Designed for easy user replacement. It supports the sloping tongue lock case and the standard EU mortise lock case, which is widely adopted. It supports a wide range of door sizes with a thickness of 38-58 mm compatible on the left and right sides of the door. Exitec H03 smart lock can be opened using a Bluetooth App. Fingerprints can be unlocked after setting the Bluetooth app. About 128 fingerprints can be identified by the smart lock. After opening the Bluetooth app, the user must create the password using the creating password option. The remote automatic generation of a one-day password will be set, and the lock key will be opened.

The handle of this lock can be used regardless of left or right. The product is made up of zinc alloy, and it can be used with 4 AAA batteries. The available color is black but can be customized with other colors of the customer’s choice. The lock contains Bluetooth LE 4.0 with low power consumption. Thanks to this, the lock can be easily paired directly with the application in the smartphone, which is available for Android and iOS. With a user-friendly user interface, support for email login, and widely used social media channels such as Facebook, Google, and WeChat for quick login.

You can find this amazing Exitec H03 Smart Fingerprint Key Lock on at a price of $55.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: EXITECH03
Buy From Geekbuying

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